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Kitten Trapped On A Highway Bridge Frantically Cries For Help

Kitten Trapped On A Highway Bridge Frantically Cries For Help

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Today’s rescue mission restored my faith in humanity. In this story, an amazing rescue team came together to help a kitten in need, so get ready to hear all about it!

One night, a man was walking home when he heard desperate meows coming from above him. Confused, he looked up only to discover something shocking!

kitten on a bridge
Credit: YouTube

Above him was a busy highway bridge and somehow, a tiny kitten found himself trapped underneath it. The man immediately called their local cat rescue team, while carefully observing this poor kitten.

kitten in the dark
Credit: YouTube

However, once the rescue team arrived, they couldn’t quite figure out how the kitten ended up in this situation. 

The space where the poor soul was trapped was used by the highway maintenance team, and only a small ladder connected to the highway led there. However, the ladder was locked behind a door…

A woman from the rescue organization immediately called the highway maintenance team to help them rescue the kitten.

rescue car
Credit: YouTube

In the meantime, people from the neighborhood gathered to help the rescuers. These amazing souls brought kitten food packed in small bags. 

One man did his best to try and throw the food where the kitten was trapped, but sadly each bag fell 50 feet down.

photo of metal stairs
Credit: YouTube

Soon enough, the highway maintenance manager came and quickly unlocked the door that led straight from the highway to the kitten. The rescue agents rushed down the ladder, however, the kitten was nowhere to be found!

The poor soul was probably extremely exhausted from trying to find a way out and he hid in one of the small crevices. The team left some food for the kitten and placed a camera to monitor him.

kitten eating
Credit: YouTube

Soon enough, the tiny fuzzball emerged from a hole in the wall and started eating. Unfortunately, the rescuers noticed his back leg was probably broken as the poor soul was limping.

The next morning the team was more than ready to save the kitten from its desperate situation. 

rescuing the kitten
Credit: YouTube

The night before they noticed that the wire mesh around the space was too wide for the kitten’s tiny paws. If the kitten tried walking around this wire mesh, he could either get stuck or fall 50 feet to the ground.

While they waited for the maintenance manager to bring the crane, the kitten did exactly what everyone feared! 

kitten stuck on a bridge
Credit: YouTube

The poor soul jumped to the area with the wire mesh and came dangerously close to the edge of the bridge!

Rescuers were now in panic mode – one wrong move and the kitten could fall. One of the rescuers immediately jumped onto the crane ready to catch the kitten.

rescue mission of the kitten
Credit: YouTube

However, the tiny soul was so scared he remained frozen, not moving at all. The rescuer scooped him up in his arms and finally the kitten was safe!

rescued kitten in a blanket
Credit: YouTube

They wrapped the poor baby in a blanket and rushed him to the clinic. The vet examined the tiny kitten and realized his state was extremely bad, as he said in the video:

“He has sunken eyes, due to lack of food consumption. Looks like he has a fracture on his bones for at least a week now.”

How the kitten ended up with a fractured leg was uncertain, but the rescuers assumed it happened when he fell from the highway to the space where they found him.

kitten at vet clinic
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, upon further examination, the vet discovered something strange. The kitten was not responding to any movements around him and he seemed kind of wobbly, as the vet mentioned:

“When falling down, his head might have got bruised, causing a hematoma inside his head. His nerves are likely damaged due to the strong impact.”

kitten lying
Credit: YouTube

The kind-hearted vet decided to perform a life-saving surgery and after the tiny kitten recovered, they found him a loving forever home!

This amazing rescue mission warmed my heart on so many levels. These giant-hearted rescuers did everything in their power to save a tiny kitten!

I wish more people would follow in their footsteps and make this world a better place for our feline friends!

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