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Kitten With Twisted Front Legs Undergoes Physical Therapies And Shows Amazing Progress

Kitten With Twisted Front Legs Undergoes Physical Therapies And Shows Amazing Progress

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Meet Macaroni, a polydactyl kitten with an abnormality in his front legs. When everything was going bad for him, he found a kind person, who decided to help him, so that one day he could run around just like other kittens.

It all started when Jacqueline “DeAmor” Santiago, president of Friends for Life Rescue Network in Oregon, spotted a tiny orange tabby kitten with an abnormality in his front legs. 

ginger kitten

With her extensive experience in caring for special needs kittens, Jacqueline couldn’t ignore Macaroni and immediately offered her assistance.

Macaroni is a unique kitten; he is polydactyl and has contracted tendons that caused his front limbs to appear twisted.

human hand and a kitten

He was only four days old when Jacqueline took him into her care. After seeing him, she was determined to give her best and help Macaroni have a life like other healthy kittens.

Despite his young age, Macaroni had a great advantage because newborn kittens have better chances of correcting their twisted legs. Jacqueline said:

“This is often caused by either polydactylism (extra toes) or by a small mom with not enough room in the womb for the legs to stretch. Their legs get stuck in the same position during development and need to be stretched over the course of weeks to help them grow correctly.”

kitten sleeping

Jacqueline immediately started treating Macaroni through physical therapy, including massaging and stretching exercises. His progress was remarkable, and with each session, he showed bravery and improvement.

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When Macaroni finally opened his eyes and unfolded his ears, it was evident he was ready to embrace life like any other kitten. He was fearless and ready to explore his environment with his big paws and wobbly gait.

kitten with weird legs

Over time, Macaroni’s front limbs improved significantly and weren’t twisted as before. However, there was still a long journey ahead of him. Jacqueline said:

“The stretches have helped prepare him for splinted wraps (which shouldn’t start until at least four weeks old) by stretching and lengthening the tendons to maximize success.”

cute ginger kitten

Macaroni got used to his treatments so much that he enjoyed the attention he received multiple times a day. Jacqueline added:

“His legs are just a little stubborn, so the splints are done for a few days to get him over the threshold and get his paws under him. As he grows, his weight will finish straightening the rest.”

kitten with injured paws

Macaroni proved to be a real fighter, ready to get his legs in the right position. What’s even better is that he became more active with each passing day, enjoying the company of his foster mom and the resident cat, Wolfie.

grey cat sniffs ginger kitten

“Mac is a big purr machine and loves to play already. He enjoys flailing his legs and trying to bite with his tiny teeth. He’s still ultra snuggly. We are hoping that once his paws are under him, he will start running around.”

ginger kitty

In the following period, Jacqueline and the rest of the team hope that Macaroni will continue to make progress. He’s a great fighter, so there’s no doubt he’ll succeed.

kitten on the towel

After a successful recovery, we all hope that Macaroni will find a loving home and family where he can run around like other kittens. With his endearing personality, I’m sure he’ll find a purrfect home in a blink of an eye.

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