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Boys Shocked After Discovering What Was Inside The Trash Bag

Boys Shocked After Discovering What Was Inside The Trash Bag

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Heroes don’t need capes to save lives, and these brave boys from Brooklyn proved just that.

While wandering through the park, they heard a loud noise coming from the trash bin. Their curiosity led them closer to it, only to make a shocking discovery.

The boys found four tiny kittens crying loudly for help inside the trash bag. Luckily, their cries were heard, and the boys instantly reached out for help.

kittens sleeping
Credit: YouTube

That was when Jess Thoren, a dedicated foster mom in New York, stepped in and welcomed these four kittens, Phoebe, Pippa, Panda, and Pumpkin, into her foster home with open arms.

The kittens were so young that they needed round-the-clock care. Jess was a bit worried because she only bottle-fed older kittens before. Still, she was determined to help them grow bigger and stronger.

kitten bottle fed
Credit: YouTube

Everything was fine, as Jess quickly adapted to caring for her new feline family. But then, a hidden problem struck like lightning from a clear blue sky.

One day, as she was bottle-feeding the kittens, she noticed a wound near Pippa’s bottom. Jess got scared and immediately took her to the vet.

tiny kitten
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, the vet’s expectations were disappointing. He told Jess that the wound could cause a lot of damage and that the kitten probably wouldn’t survive longer than three days, suggesting euthanasia. 

Although the news broke Jess’s heart, she was determined to trust her instincts and believe that Pippa would survive, so she refused euthanasia.

photo of a tiny kitten
Credit: YouTube

Back home, Jess decided to keep Pippa in her room, separated from her other siblings, thinking she’d be calmer. However, Jess couldn’t calm down or even sleep as she was constantly checking on Pippa to see if she was still breathing.

On the third day, Pippa proved she was a fierce little fighter. She exceeded her vet’s expectations and started getting a lot better. She would constantly meow at Jess, ensuring her that she would continue fighting for her life.

kitten on a blanket
Credit: YouTube

Jess was happy about Pippa’s progress, but she was also aware that it wasn’t completely over. 

On the fourth day, Jess took Pippa to the vet, who was shocked by her progress. Back home, Pippa also started showing her playful and friendly nature.

two kittens playing
Credit: YouTube

Jess would let Pippa play with her siblings under her supervision, as they were much bigger, but it turned out to be very helpful for her. Jess said:

“Being with her siblings has helped tremendously. She was constantly trying to keep up. She was really uncoordinated at that time.”

Playing with her siblings forced her to use her muscles and try hard to stand on the ground. 

photo of four kittens
Credit: YouTube

Slowly but surely, Pippa defied all odds and transformed into a healthy and playful tuxedo feline. She was still smaller than her siblings, but that didn’t stop her from being less playful or entertaining.

All the kittens were finally ready to get adopted into loving homes. Panda, the white one, was a funny kitten, always making everyone around him laugh. 

Pumpkin, the tabby one, always wanted to be the center of attention. Finally, Phoebe, the black kitty, was a cuddle lover who couldn’t be still for a second. 

kitten on a blue blanket
Credit: YouTube

Thanks to their lovely and friendly personalities, all the kittens found their fur-ever homes. However, the best news was that Panda and Pippa got adopted together. Jess shared excitedly:

“You know, there’s a time when I didn’t actually think this day would happen for Pippa, so I’m really excited that she’s gonna go to her own forever home.”

woman holding two kittens
Credit: YouTube

Fighting for Pippa as hard as Jess did was absolutely worth it. From a kitten who was rescued from a trash bag in the nick of time, she passed the vet’s expectations, and now, she’s living a happy life with her sibling and a forever parent. How amazing is that?

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