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15 Little Details Nobody Tells You About Living With A Cat

15 Little Details Nobody Tells You About Living With A Cat

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Living with a pet cat is, most of the time, entertaining, but it’s not always easy as you may think!

Cats are sweet furry little creatures who are unpredictable, mostly independent, but they also know how to be sweet and affectionate.

However, sometimes they can be mysterious and full of secrets. That’s exactly why I bring you 15 little details nobody tells you about living with a cat that will hopefully put a smile on your beautiful face!

1. Most cats are easily startled… 

cat in mid air

2. If you’re not around a lot, your cat will find other humans and lead a secret second life.

kitten with funny dress

3. Once you get a cat, forget about plants. They’ll always find a way to completely destroy them. 

cat vs plants

4. Cats just can’t help themselves but to knock everything down on the floor. 

twitter post about cat

5. Once you get a cat, bugs won’t be able to bother you anymore. (That’s actually a good thing!)

cat playing with insect

6. Your laptop or computer will become your cat’s favorite sleeping spot, especially when you’re using them. 

cat sleeping on a laptop

7. Cats can be surprisingly cuddly! 

cat laying on bed

8. Nobody tells you about cat zoomies… 

crazy cat

9. Not only cats are great hunters, but they’re even better at hiding! 

shocked cat

10. Nobody tells you how weird cats are… 

funny stuck cat

11. Cats will always choose a tiny box over the most comfortable cat bed. 

cat sittinig in a box

12. Sometimes, they’re not so good at escaping… 

mischievous cat

13. Cats will pursue your dinner and won’t stop until they get what they want… 

cat eating tacoo

14. Nobody can tell you how much can a cat love its human! 

cat with cute look

15. Cats can experience a serious ‘nip trip’ after sniffing catnip.

cat high on catnip

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