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Male Ginger Cat Becomes Kittens’ Caregiver And The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

Male Ginger Cat Becomes Kittens’ Caregiver And The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

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I never knew that a male cat, unrelated to the kittens, could do such a thing! I once had a male black cat who had kittens with my neighbor’s female cat. He would go to their house every day to “check up” on his family. 

It was hilarious, but at the same time adorable. That was the only time my cat did anything like that; I never thought that a male cat would ever care for kittens, especially if they weren’t actually his kittens. 

This cat is different. Link, the male cat from this story, simply came up to the newly adopted female cat named Samus, comforted her, and then cared for her babies while she was unwell.

This Is Link – A Super Uncle Cat

Link’s owner, Joselle, noticed a stray Siamese cat wandering around her front porch. Joselle and Link stood at the window and looked at the poor kitty. 

“I think that Siamese cat’s pregnant.” 

Joselle suspected the cat was pregnant, and she started putting food out for her. She would leave the food and when Samus would approach, Joselle would open the sliding door for her. In just one day, the cat ate the food and also let Joselle pet her. 

“That same day, by 4 o’clock, she was giving birth.”

Samus safely gave birth to four cute kittens, whom Joselle named Kirby, Captain Falcon, Zelda, and Yoshi. Ever since then, she has been perfectly ok with Joselle petting her.

Joselle believes that Samus was probably a house cat at some point. Unfortunately, she either wandered away or was abandoned. 

“I think she may have been born in a house because she seems ok with us humans. We checked her twice for a chip. No chip.”

Samus didn’t seem to belong to anyone, and there was no one looking for her. Joselle also discovered that Samus does not like other pets. 

a cat sits on a scratching post and follows another cat
Credit: YouTube

Joselle has a dog as well as Link, the cat. Link is very playful and friendly, but Samus does not want to play with him, especially now that she has given birth. 

the cat sleeps on the carpet
Credit: YouTube

“Sadly, Samus had a stomach parasite. She was seeking comfort from Link, which she had never done up to that point.”

the cat sleeps on the couch next to the kitten
Credit: YouTube

Samus had to be separated from her kittens so she wouldn’t pass the parasites onto them. However, Link stepped up and cared for her babies himself!

the cat takes care of the kittens in the cage
Credit: YouTube

He groomed them and cuddled them.

a cat with kittens sleeps on the floor
Credit: YouTube

“When he was little, he would groom me and my partner’s nose. He still has that instinct from when he was a baby.”

the cat lies on the kittens
Credit: YouTube

He’s truly a super cat uncle!

the cat looks after the kittens while they are playing
Credit: YouTube

When he became an uncle, he also became much calmer. 

the cat and the kittens are sleeping
Credit: YouTube

Joselle believes that Link has earned a bit of Samus’s trust now that he has stepped up and taken care of her babies.

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