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Malnourished Stray Cat Was In Such Pain He Decided To Ask For Help

Malnourished Stray Cat Was In Such Pain He Decided To Ask For Help

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Dessy and her husband dedicated their lives to helping stray cats in their local community. They’ve fostered numerous cats and adopted seven of them.

Dessy always leaves dishes with cat food in their backyard, where stray cats can come and enjoy some well-deserved treats.

However, one day while they were having breakfast in their kitchen, Dessy and her husband were interrupted by someone standing at their back door.

malnourished cat
Credit: YouTube

Dessy rushed to the door only to discover something heartbreaking. A stray cat found his way into their backyard, but he seemed not interested in the food left outside. 

He was meowing and putting his paws up against the glass door, almost as if he were asking for help. The poor boy was extremely skinny and he looked like he was in a lot of pain. 

cat eats
Credit: YouTube

Dessy rushed out and prepared him some wet food hoping he would eat. The poor boy was hungry, however, when he started eating Dessy witnessed something soul-crushing. 

With every bite he took, the poor boy was crying out loud. He was letting out painful meows and Dessy knew something was wrong. She named him Sid and immediately rushed him to the emergency vet.

cats teeths
Credit: YouTube

The vet examined poor Sid and soon discovered that he had a severe mouth infection. In addition to this, his teeth were completely rotten, making it impossible for him to eat.

The vet told Dessy that it would be best if he stayed at the hospital so they could extract the rotten teeth. She left him there, however, she couldn’t wait for him to come home. 

woman holding red blanket above cat
Credit: YouTube

After a full week in the hospital, Dessy went to pick up Sid. The sweet boy was neutered, his teeth were extracted, and his mouth infection was under control.

The vet prescribed him with some antibiotics and Dessy made sure the boy stayed inside. He could finally eat without experiencing pain and he showed them his gentle side.

woman giving treatment to cats eye
Credit: YouTube

Sid was a real cuddle bug, always asking for head scratches and belly rubs. He misses the outside world, but Dessy wants to make sure he’s fully recovered before letting him roam outside, as she said in her video:

“Sometimes he cries and wishes to go outside. But we can’t let him yet. Instead, we will keep him here for a while, cuddle him, and turn him into a chubby furball.”

woman holding cat in her lap
Credit: YouTube

Sid choose the best humans possible to help him out and I’m grateful this gentle boy can finally eat without having pain.

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