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Man Adopts A Shelter Cat Only To Discover A Shocking Truth A Few Months Later

Man Adopts A Shelter Cat Only To Discover A Shocking Truth A Few Months Later

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Adopting a cat in need is a heartwarming and noble act that brings joy to both the adopter and the feline companion. 

However, as with any journey, there can be challenges along the way. Sometimes, adopting a cat comes with unexpected surprises, like health concerns or unique characteristics. 

In the story that follows, we’ll explore the remarkable journey of a cat owner who discovered something extraordinary about his newly adopted feline companion, Enoki.

close view of cute cat
Source: Enoki the cat

Enoki is a stunning, fluffy, white cat with mesmerizing blue eyes, but despite his beauty, his owner noticed something unusual.

Observing Enoki’s interactions with the environment, it became increasingly apparent that he might be visually impaired. 

Intrigued and concerned, the owner decided to share a video of Enoki’s daily life on TikTok. The video quickly garnered attention, amassing over 18 million views, and soon, comments and advice poured in from TikTok users who had seen Enoki’s story.

One user commented:

“Definitely visually impaired but probably has some amount of vision, even if it’s terrible. That’s also a flame point, so it’s not uncommon for them.”

Another said:

“White cats with blue eyes have a high chance of being blind, not always the case, but the chance is high.”

To uncover the truth about Enoki’s condition, the owner turned to the expertise of a veterinarian, making the responsible choice to seek professional guidance. 

cat walking in the house
Source: Enoki the cat

After a thorough examination, a follow-up video was posted, confirming that Enoki was, indeed, “a little blind.”

It’s important to clarify that the belief that white blue-eyed cats are more prone to blindness is a common misconception.

According to Elizabeth from Cornell Feline Health Center, white blue-eyed cats are not inherently more prone to blindness than their counterparts. The confusion often arises because many white blue-eyed cats may be prone to deafness, not blindness.

Despite his visual impairment, Enoki’s spirit remains unbreakable. In the viral TikTok video, he exudes confidence as he navigates his owner’s apartment, even if he occasionally bumps into the furniture and walls. 

Life with a blind cat can be normal, with a few adjustments to the environment.

Maintaining a consistent schedule and minimizing changes to the living space can help blind cats like Enoki move around comfortably. This adaptation allows them to explore and enjoy their surroundings with ease.

cat laying on the floor of the house
Source: Enoki the cat

Enoki’s family has allowed him to thrive despite his visual impairment. Besides that, the affection and support he receives from the TikTok community is a reminder that love knows no boundaries, even when faced with unique challenges.

Finally, Enoki’s story serves as an inspiration, showing that every cat, regardless of their unique characteristics, deserves a chance at a fulfilling and joyful life. In the end, it’s not our differences that define us, but the love and care we share.

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