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Man Installs An Owl Nesting Box But To His Surprise, Someone Else Nested Inside

Man Installs An Owl Nesting Box But To His Surprise, Someone Else Nested Inside

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Harry Saddler noticed owls visiting the trees in his backyard and, wanting to help, he set up a nesting box for them to provide a warm and safe nesting spot.

After installing a small nesting box for his owl friends high in a tall tree, Harry went back inside his house, eagerly waiting for his first visitors.

Soon after, Harry’s first visitor arrived at the owl nesting box, but it wasn’t the guest he was expecting…

cat on an owl box
Credit: Twitter

This visitor had no wings! His body was furry and his tail fluffy and long. Yep, this intruder was no more or less a cat. As Harry shared on Twitter:

“This is not what we were hoping to attract when we installed nest boxes.”

Harry couldn’t believe his own eyes so he grabbed his binoculars for a better look, and sure enough, there he was, comfortably perched atop the owl nesting box.

cat jumped on box for owls
Credit: Twitter

Being a true bird enthusiast, Harry immediately worried when he spotted the cat. He feared the feline might endanger the area’s owls and other birds.

Furthermore, Harry didn’t recognize the cat, believing he had never seen it in his neighborhood before. 

The cat quickly made itself comfortable inside the box, allowing Harry to snap a photo and share it with his community, hoping to locate its owners.

cat lying in owl box
Credit: Twitter

With Harry’s help, the cat’s owner found their cherished pet. This unexpected visitor actually had a loving home but had lost its way. Harry explained:

“Good news! I posted in a local community group on FB and the cat’s owner came and got it. Also, I’m very happy to report that rather than being a free-roaming or stray cat, it’s an indoor cat which slipped out last night and ran off – I think every cat owner can relate to that.”

Thanks to Harry’s kindness and animal-loving nature, the cat was joyfully reunited with his owners, leaving the owl nesting box empty and available for the “guests” it was intended for.

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