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Man Saves A Clementine-Sized Cat From A Busy Overpass And It Becomes His Shoulder Buddy

Man Saves A Clementine-Sized Cat From A Busy Overpass And It Becomes His Shoulder Buddy

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Imagine driving home one night, singing along to your favorite song, when something catches your eye: a flash of orange in the middle of traffic on a busy overpass. Curious, you turn down the music and strain your ears. Is that… meowing? 

You pull over, and there, on the edge of the overpass, is a tiny, fluffy, orange kitten, desperately calling for help. What would you do? Well, we know what any animal lover would do – you’d rescue that little furball in a heartbeat!

And that’s exactly what this kind-hearted person did. This smol clementine of a kitten found himself in a dangerous spot, but thanks to a compassionate passerby, he was scooped up and taken to safety. 

very cute ginger kitten
Source: Reddit

This right here, however, is not just another rescue story, it’s a story of instant bond and friendship!

The night our hero found his kitten, whom he later named Keno, started like any other. But as he neared the overpass, he noticed a tiny orange dot on the side of the road. 

As he got closer, he could hear the distressed meows cutting through the noise of the traffic. Without a second thought, he pulled over and gently picked up the frightened little kitten. As he shared on Reddit:

“Saved this little guy from a very busy overpass the other night and since then he’s taken refuge on my shoulder and refuses to leave so everyone meet Keno.”

ginger kitten and owner
Source: Reddit

From the moment he scooped Keno up, they bonded. 

Also, this wasn’t just any kitten; this was a shoulder kitten. As soon as he was safe, Keno climbed up onto his rescuer’s shoulder and refused to budge. It was as if he knew he had found his forever hooman.

Look at them! Shoulder pals for life:

adorable ginger kitten on a owners shoulder
Source: Reddit

Keno quickly settled into his new home, but one thing was clear: he wasn’t about to leave his rescuer’s shoulder. Wherever his new human went, Keno was right there, perched comfortably on his shoulder like a pint-sized parrot. 

Whether it was doing household chores or simply lounging on the couch, Keno made it clear he had found his favorite spot in the world.

The Reddit community fell head over heels for this unique duo, commenting praise for the man and “cuteness overload” for this funny, little shoulder ginger.

guy holding ginger kitten on palm
Source: Reddit

When the story and pictures of Keno went viral, the internet collectively melted. Comments poured in from people who were touched by the tale of this tiny survivor and his devoted rescuer. One person commented:

“It’s so nice to read something like this and know that there are kind people like you around the world.”

While many others referred to Keno’s unique sitting spot, saying:

“Congrats on your new shoulder growth. Looks great on you!”

It looks like Keno adopted him and there’s no turning back! 

Keno’s example reminds us of the bonds that can form when we open our hearts to animals in need. This handful of kitten has found the purrfect place in the world, right on top of his rescuer’s shoulder. 

As for his hooman, he’s gained a loyal companion who will stick by his side, no matter what. 

I hope you liked Keno’s story and if you’ve got a rescue story as well, feel free to share it in the comments! I’d love to hear it!

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