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San Francisco Man Puts His Marriage At Stake And Travels 500 Miles To Save A Cat’s Life

San Francisco Man Puts His Marriage At Stake And Travels 500 Miles To Save A Cat’s Life

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It’s no secret that people all around the globe enjoy the company of their furry friends. They love to spend time with them, take regular care of them, and make their every wish come true.

Most of those people will do anything for their beloved pets – even if that includes traveling across the country to get them. As it did the hero of today’s story! 

A man named Mike Enders decided one day to travel from his home in San Francisco to a shelter in Palm Springs to save a three-legged kitty from being euthanized.

And by doing so, he almost risked his marriage. Here’s his story!

When Mike Saw Zorro

man draging cat
Credit: YouTube

One day, as Mike was minding his business on his phone, he stumbled upon a picture of an adorable three-legged feline named Zorro. The post said that Zorro had to be out of the shelter that same day because the shelter he was in was euthanizing their cats. 

As he was staring at Zorro’s photo, something in Mike changed. He told The Dodo:

“This is gonna sound crazy, his eyes were like, ‘Mike, come and get me!’”

At that moment, Mike made up his mind: He would get that cat!

He immediately went to look up where the shelter was and found out it was located in Palm Springs – almost 500 miles away from his home in San Francisco. 

For a moment, he was second-guessing his decision and thought that maybe he was crazy and a bit too dramatic. 

white and black cat
Credit: YouTube

But in the very next moment, he was adjusting his seat belt and getting ready for an 8-hour-long road trip. 

He left early in the morning, around 7 a.m., and by the time he reached the shelter it was already dark. He then took Zorro, simply turned his car around, and drove back to San Francisco. 

When they finally got home, it was 3 a.m. This means that Mike spent almost 20 hours in the car – just to save a kitty. 

Mike’s original plan was to foster Zorro until someone decided to offer him a forever home. Anyhow, as it often happens, he fell head over heels for him and realized: He wanted to keep him for himself! 

However, that wasn’t just his decision to make…

Trouble In Paradise

cute cat and senior man
Credit: YouTube

Mike and his husband already shared their lives with two adult fluffs. So, the realization that Mike had brought a new kitty stirred up some drama in their feline-filled home.

Mike’s husband, adamant about not bringing a third cat, informed Mike that Zorro couldn’t stay with them forever. 

So, to protect the peace in his home and keep his husband happy and satisfied, Mike reluctantly shared a post online, announcing that Zorro was available for adoption, while secretly hoping no one would respond. He said:

“At this point, I was starting to think like, ‘I am never gonna be able to let go of this cat.’”

His husband kept reminding him about his opinion on having Zorro in their family. After the fourth time of expressing how he wasn’t open to the possibility of having three cats, Mike just went silent. Because deep down he knew: Zorro wasn’t going anywhere!

He told The Dodo with a laugh:

“So Zorro, he’s worth it, and he’s putting my marriage on the line! It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true, and I don’t care.”

Luckily, Mike’s prayers were heard, and his husband had a change of heart.

The Power Of (Feline) Love

man cuddling with cat
Credit: YouTube

While adamantly fighting the idea of Zorro’s adoption, Mike’s husband found himself gradually warming up to their lovely newcomer. 

According to Mike, his partner and Zorro had their “moment” one day at the beach when they finally started to bond. 

From that day on, they started spending more time together and even sleeping next to each other. 

There was no doubt: Zorro had finally found his forever home right next to Mike, his husband, and their two cats! All’s well that ends well, right?

cat teasing man
Credit: YouTube

I think we can all agree that love for animals truly knows no limits! To risk one’s marriage for a feline is absolutely insane – yet it is something many cat parents will undoubtedly do. I know I would! 

If you have an insane rescue story when you had to risk something of your own for your pet, I encourage you to share it with us below. 

Also, make sure to check out the entire video about Mike and Zorro made by The Dodo. 

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