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Alabama Man Who Hated Cats Ends Up Adopting One But Wait Until You Hear What Else Happened

Alabama Man Who Hated Cats Ends Up Adopting One But Wait Until You Hear What Else Happened

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Calvin Tucker From Alabama never knew much about cats, except for one thing: he couldn’t stand them! However, when he met Henry, his whole world turned upside down. Let me tell you all about it!

Tucker was never a cat person. He steered clear of any place with cats and even broke up with girlfriends who had them. Plus, he was convinced he was allergic to cats.

Talking about his intolerance of these “sneaky” creatures, Tucker shared in an interview:

“At that point I hated cats, did not like cats, did not come to your house if you had cats, severely allergic, they were too sneaky, didn’t like anything about them, didn’t want to be about them, didn’t want to be around you if you had cats.”

However, when Tucker met Henry everything changed.

cute gray kitten
Source: Instagram

One afternoon, as he finished his work and headed to a parking lot to warm up his car, Tucker spotted a small stray kitten sitting next to the front tire. Looking into his eyes, he couldn’t help but be drawn to this gray cutie.

Despite his reservations about cats, he felt a strange connection, something he had never experienced before. Though all this made no sense to Tucker, he couldn’t deny that this kitty shifted something inside him.

As he recounted that fateful day, Tucker shared:

“I don’t know, the way he looked at me, just did something to me, touched me… I still can’t put into words what he did to me that day… He just did something to me, it just opened up some compassion in me that I didn’t know existed.”

gray kitten and mans hand
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Day by day, this sweet furball showed up at Tucker’s workplace and soon they became best of buddies. Tucker made it his mission to ensure his furry friend, whom he named Henry, always had a full belly.

Even on his days off or in a busy schedule, Tucker always made time for Henry. He’d sit near him and chat, assuring his little pal that he was there for him. After a month and a half of their blossoming friendship, he petted Henry for the first time.

That simple act of connection reignited so much compassion within Tucker that he instantly knew Henry was destined to be with him, as he shared:

“It was a forty-five day period of me just feeding him until I gained his trust and then on day 45 he went home with me.”

bald guy and kitten
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Once Henry came home with Tucker, he adjusted to indoor life surprisingly fast, becoming the king of the household within just ten days.

And so Tucker and Henry remained best pals for years to come. However, that was just the beginning of another amazing story.

As much as Henry’s happily ever after with Tucker warmed my heart, what happened in the meantime brought tears of joy to my eyes. So be sure to get yourself a tissue as we go back to when these two first met and started hanging out.

three ginger cats
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While spending time with his new pal, Tucker began noticing other stray animals wandering around. Although Alabama was full of strays, he never paid attention to this before. Meeting Henry, however, changed that too.

Tucker couldn’t shake the sight of these desperate souls in need. It seemed like Henry opened Tucker’s eyes to stray suffering and motivated him to offer a helping hand.

two cats eating
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So Tucker began looking after them as well. Every day, he ensured they had food and water and before long, there wasn’t a single animal in town Tucker could turn his back on.

As word of his noble deeds spread, Tucker’s phone started buzzing with calls from concerned neighbors and rescuers asking him to help an animal in need. Tucker’s response was always the same: yes!

guy with cap
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Before he knew it, Tucker was devoting all this time to helping strays. He left his old job to fully engage in his newfound passion which has since brought him worldwide fame.

And it all started with Henry, as Tucker shared:

“He is the reason now why I’ve TNRd over 650 cats and have found homes for 139 cats. He’s the reason I feed 100 cats every single day even when I’m sick you know. So he is the total sole reason why I do this.”

sweet gray cat
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Nowadays, Henry, who sparked it all, lives his best life with Calvin. However, their family has grown as Tucker adopted three more cats.

And that’s not all – there are about fifteen more furry pals, some permanent, some fostered, all getting love and care from this remarkable man.

five cats
Source: Instagram

It’s incredible to think that someone who once hated cats now lives to care for them, showing just how profoundly a bond with a furry friend can change everything!

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