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People Find Emaciated Mother Cat In Industrial Bin Trying To Keep All Six Of Her Kittens Alive

People Find Emaciated Mother Cat In Industrial Bin Trying To Keep All Six Of Her Kittens Alive

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One day, Best Friends Felines, received a call that led to an amazing and heartwarming story.

Kind people discovered a mother cat along with her six kittens in an industrial bin at a car yard. They reached out to BFF for assistance, and they responded promptly.

Nikki from BFF said:

“It was unknown how long she was in there, but she was very emaciated under her fluff.”

The rescue team quickly arrived to rescue the furry family and transported them all to the vet for an examination.

They named the mother cat Aurora, but sadly, she was in a very poor condition. She was severely malnourished, having had no food or water for who knows how long. Still, she gave her all to keep her kittens alive. 

Aurora kept all of her six kittens together in one place, hoping that someone would help them, and ensuring that no one was left behind. That really exhausted the mother cat, but she proved to be a fighter. 

“While she was scarily thin, she came in unable to walk properly on her back legs. We wanted a full health check for her and her little ones.”

When Aurora was provided with food and water, she was so overjoyed that she ate as if there was no tomorrow. After arriving at the shelter, she finally had the chance to rest, knowing that her babies were safe.

With each passing day and proper care, Aurora grew stronger. She also turned out to be a lovely kitty who craved attention. Whenever a foster carer entered her room, she was ready for cuddles and attention

With a roof over her head and other necessities, Aurora finally became a happy kitty with only one thing to worry about – that her kittens were clean and well-fed.

In the comfort of a safe home, kittens started getting bigger and stronger and even opened their eyes for the first time. Nikki said:

“Aurora has settled into the indoor human life really well, absolutely adoring attention, and actively seeks out her humans for a cuddle. She is definitely benefiting from the good food she is getting, as her coat has become more silky already.”

As the kittens opened their eyes, they gradually started walking and exploring their environment.

“Everyone is up and walking around, exploring their environment now. They have started playing with each other, which is just the sweetest thing to see.”

When the kittens grew big enough, they were sent to their forever homes. However, Aurora finally got the chance to enjoy life with her people, being the center of attention without a single care in the world.

Now, Aurora is a happy feline who adores her humans and provides them with cuddles every morning, living the life she truly deserves.

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