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Cat That Was Found Nearly Frozen Receives Necessary Care And Finds Warmth Of A Forever Home

Cat That Was Found Nearly Frozen Receives Necessary Care And Finds Warmth Of A Forever Home

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Meet Stanley, a little kitten who defied the odds, thanks to a kind-hearted construction worker named Dwight. In a heartwarming tale of compassion, a kitten’s journey from near death to a loving home will touch your heart.

Dwight, the foreman on a bustling construction site spotted a nearly frozen kitten. Without a second thought, he rushed the shivering feline to the Planned Pethood Clinic in Virginia, where dedicated veterinarians were ready to spring into action. 

The kitten’s condition was dire. His body temperature was dangerously low, and he showed no signs of responsiveness. It was then that Dwight’s remarkable kindness shone through as he offered his credit card to cover the costs.

One of the vets expressed admiration: 

“With the kitten not having an owner or no one knowing where it came from, the guy put his credit card down… Now, that’s a good Samaritan!”

The veterinary team needed to get the kitten’s body temperature up quickly! But the kitten didn’t even have a blink reflex… 

hurt kitten

Then Dr. Jeff instructed the team to get the kitten washed and cleaned up with some warm water. 

“Let’s see if there are any major injuries and see if he comes around.”

They gave him a little bath and he started to wake up! However, just a few seconds later, he started crashing…

the veterinarian examines the injured kitten

Under Dr. Jeff’s guidance, the veterinary team worked tirelessly to revive Stanley. Bathed and warmed with gentle care, the fragile kitten showed glimpses of life. Although there were moments of instability, their unwavering determination began to pay off.

He was still in a critical condition, but it was improving slowly…

“The heartbeat is pretty good right now.”

the hurt kitten opens its eyes

Stanley’s heartbeat strengthened, his temperature normalized, and the real test came – feeding him. Remarkably, the once lifeless kitten started eating, signaling a hopeful recovery.

the vet gives the machete something to eat

“It’s pretty amazing that the cat was dead a few hours ago, now he’s eating… So, it’s a good sign.”

the vet strokes the kitten

“He’s doing real good, we’ll just keep giving him the TLC, a little bit at a time. Not overfeeding, not over-hydrating, so we’re slowly bringing him back.”

About five hours after the kitten was brought to the rescue, Dwight, the construction worker who saved him and brought him to the clinic, came back…

“I’m here to check on the kitten that I dropped off earlier.”

a man visiting an injured kitten

Returning to the clinic, Dwight was overjoyed to witness Stanley’s progress. The frail kitten had transformed into a playful and spirited ball of fur. 

a man caresses an injured kitten

Dwight was super happy that the kitten was doing fine, and he thanked the veterinary team for doing their best to help him. 

Two days after his rescue, Stanley was thriving, showing all the signs of a happy and healthy kitten. The veterinary team officially named him Stanley, signifying his newfound lease on life.

a woman is petting a black and white kitten

“He’s being really playful. I’d say that’s a great sign. He’s doing really well. It looks like he’s turning into a happy, healthy kitten.”

the black and white kitten stuck out its tongue

He was still a bit weak and had diarrhea, but he was doing so much better and his recovery looked promising. 

a smiling woman bothers a kitten

Besides that, more great news came in for little Stanley…

In a delightful twist, Dwight decided to adopt Stanley, completing their extraordinary bond. Stanley received all necessary medical care, including neutering, vaccinations, and deworming, setting the stage for a loving forever home.

a man carries a kitten in a box

“Dwight called and said he really wants to keep Stanley since he found him and he’s doing well, so we did a background check and a house, they looked good so Dwight has a new kitty.”

a man took a kitten from a veterinary station

“We’re very excited to have him. It’s gonna be a big change because it’s just me and the wife at the house, and now we’ll be three and he’ll be a nice addition.”

Dr. Jeff concluded their meeting by saying:

“I have no idea how he’s alive. I see they say cats have 9 lives, he used 7 of them.”

a man holds a kitten in his hands

Stanley’s incredible journey from the brink of death to a bright future is a testament to the power of compassion and second chances. 

This heartwarming rescue story showcases the unwavering dedication of those who believe in giving every life a chance to shine.

Don’t miss the video! You can witness Stanley’s miraculous transformation in the video from the clinic, below:

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