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Newborn Kitten With Ruptured Eye Faces Many Challenges But Shows Fighting Spirit Nevertheless

Newborn Kitten With Ruptured Eye Faces Many Challenges But Shows Fighting Spirit Nevertheless

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This heartwarming tale of a tiny, newborn kitten will surely touch your heart. Despite a challenging start and numerous hurdles along the way, this little warrior never gave up on his dreams.

Mouse was discovered alone in the middle of the road shortly after birth, with no mother or siblings in sight. Fortunately, a kind-hearted individual found him and placed him in the care of a woman who became his loving human mom.

tiny kitten
Source: YouTube

Upon arriving at his new home, Mouse’s fight for life continued, but he also demonstrated an incredible fighting spirit. 

After only a few days of living in his new home, Mouse faced a new challenge as his eye began to swell alarmingly. The condition worsened rapidly, leading to the eye’s rupture.

cute tiny kitten
Source: YouTube

Poor Mouse was in so much pain, so he was immediately taken to the vet, where he was also tube-fed.

After a thorough examination, it was decided to remove Mouse’s eye surgically. That was a difficult decision and a dangerous procedure for a kitten as young as Mouse, but he won that fight too.

tiny kitten with injured eye
Source: YouTube

As Mouse grew, he encountered more obstacles, including coccidia, hookworms, and conjunctivitis, among other issues. It was a tough period, marked by nearly three surgeries and numerous treatments aimed at restoring his health.

kitten without eye
Source: YouTube

Slowly but surely, Mouse began to recover as his will to live was stronger than anything. He blossomed into a loving and playful feline, loving everywhere around him. 

cute kitten without eye
Source: YouTube

Mouse had zero chances of survival, but every time he would fight harder and harder. His human mom sees him as an inspiration, saying:

“Mouse’s zest for life was an inspiration. That alone has made me want to keep his life going as long as he is willing.”

Sadly, Mouse still has many battles to overcome, but hopefully, he will emerge a winner, finally leading an easy-going life and seizing his chance to thrive.

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