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Ginger Cat Emerges From The Bushes In Ohio Begging A Woman To Save Him

Ginger Cat Emerges From The Bushes In Ohio Begging A Woman To Save Him

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It’s no surprise that some abandoned cats adopt “feral” behavior as one of their defense mechanisms, especially when they’ve been abandoned for a long time. This ginger cat was no exception.

Donna, an animal rescuer from Ohio, noticed an orange tabby cat hiding in the bushes of the cat colony she cared for. She attempted to approach him, but he had already taken on that “feral” behavior.

After feeding the colony cats, she tried moving on, but something inside her was telling her to keep trying and gain the ginger cat’s trust.

Day after day, she returned to the cat colony, determined to win over the trust of the orange cat. Finally, one day, he emerged from the bushes and greeted her with gentle head bumps.

It was as if the cat, whom she named Oliver, had realized that Donna meant him no harm. But who could blame him? Who knows how long he had been abandoned there?

Donna was overjoyed that her perseverance had paid off and grateful that she had never given up on him. She returned the following day with a carrier, calling out Oliver’s name.

To her delight, Oliver emerged from the bushes and eagerly approached Donna. Despite her concerns about his reaction to the carrier, everything went better than expected. 

He allowed her to pick him up and place him in the carrier without any hesitation—he had complete trust in her. And it was all for his own good.

Oliver was provided with a foster home in Ohio, a comfy bed, and delicious food. Additionally, he received a thorough veterinary examination and underwent a neutering procedure. After a swift recovery, he found a new home, but sadly, it wasn’t forever.

His adopters returned him after just two days, emphasizing that it was not Oliver’s fault; he simply wasn’t the right fit for their family.

Donna was heartbroken but refused to give up once more. She was determined to find him a new family where he could spend the rest of his days in peace. However, something interrupted the adoption process… 

Donna noticed that Oliver’s left eye was slightly watering. Concerned, she took him to the vet, only to discover that he also had issues with his teeth and gums. Unfortunately, the problems didn’t stop there. 

Right after receiving treatment for his eye and dental issues, Oliver began to experience shallow breathing. Vets immediately examined him and diagnosed him with lung inflammation.

Thankfully, Oliver was a fighter, and with proper treatment, his overall condition quickly improved. 

He became a joyful and affectionate kitty, constantly seeking love and attention. Donna said:

“He would reach his paw out to my hand as if to pull it closer to him. He was playful and loving, purring nonstop.”

As Oliver made a remarkable recovery, Donna decided it was time to gradually introduce him to the resident cats, Phoebe and Gracie. To everyone’s surprise, he adapted better than anyone could have hoped. Donna said:

“It took him a few days of running across the hall to my bedroom and back to his. He was still in his ‘safe zone’. After that, he showed his face downstairs in our family room. It was like, ‘Hey, this is where you all are.’”

But what happened to his forever home? Well, it was clear from the start that Oliver and Donna formed a strong bond and that they were destined to be together. She said:

“He’s home, forever, with us. He has made his way into all of our hearts. Our girls, Phoebe and Gracie, have told us they like having him there. He earned his spot. Oliver has really taken to Randy – so much that he seeks him out first for attention and love. He does not sit with me in the chair, just Randy. He loves his daddy.”

After years of living on the streets and fending for himself, Oliver chose to trust a random woman on the street, and look where that led him.

He found a forever home with loving parents, and furry companions, where he will be loved and cherished for the rest of his life!

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