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Cat Paralyzed By Horrific Car Crash Now Miraculously Takes His First Steps

Cat Paralyzed By Horrific Car Crash Now Miraculously Takes His First Steps

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Meet Solarflare, a stunning orange and white feline who survived a car accident but ended up with paralyzed hind legs.

Despite everything he had been through, Solarflare remained a laid-back kitty, hoping for a brighter future.

The car crash left him with a broken back, resulting in paralysis in his hind legs. This paralysis affected his daily life, as he couldn’t perform basic tasks by himself, like using the litter box.

However, even with his paralysis, Solarflare seems to be the happiest kitty around. He adores lounging in the sun and being showered with love and attention.

Fortunately, after enduring that terrible accident, he found himself at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, home to many other cats with mobility and incontinence issues. 

The dedicated staff at Best Friends provides exceptional care for special needs kitties, offering them a chance at a better life. They never gave up on Solarflare, determined to help him walk again.

Solarflare’s Treatments At Best Friends Sanctuary

In addition to receiving love and attention daily, Solarflare underwent physical therapy and other treatments to help him stand on his paws once again. 

His recovery journey was challenging because he relied solely on his front legs for some time, resulting in muscle atrophy in his hind legs due to lack of use.

However, the sanctuary’s staff did their best to help him. They began by supporting his back end, assisting his weight, and allowing him to move around with a straight back. 

Furthermore, the vets introduced laser therapy twice a week as a part of his treatment regimen. This therapy includes a deep-penetrating cold laser that reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, and aids in the healing process. 

Following these sessions, Solarflare experienced more restful sleep, indicating its efficacy in his recovery.

Solarfalre also began doing hydrotherapy, which showed remarkable results. The water reduces stress and pain in his joints, while the treadmill keeps his legs moving and strengthens his muscles.

What’s even better is that Solarflare loves water, meaning doing such a therapy is much easier and stress-free. One of his caregivers, Chris Kruse-Wright, said:

“He doesn’t mind baths, and when I’ve taken him to hydrotherapy, he just goes right into it.”

Finally, the treatment that showed remarkable progress in Solarflare’s recovery was electroacupuncture for cats. This form of acupuncture treatment involves electrical stimulus, administered by a trained veterinarian.

Even though it may sound scary, this efficient therapy isn’t painful at all. The vet just places the acupuncture needles on the cat, who’s lying on a towel, and attaches the electrodes.

Solarflare usually naps during this therapy, as though he knows he must remain calm for better results. 

This treatment helps build muscle mass and thanks to that, Solarflare finally got the chance to stand on his paws again, use the litter box independently, and even enjoy satisfying scratches.

Solarflare’s Remarkable Transformation

From a paralyzed feline to a brave kitty who walks again, all thanks to the devoted team at Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. 

They never gave up on this furry boy, always believing they could give him a better life, and that was exactly what they did.

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