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Brave Paralyzed Kitten Follows Strangers, Hoping Someone Would Change His Life For The Better

Brave Paralyzed Kitten Follows Strangers, Hoping Someone Would Change His Life For The Better

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Thanks to a random video, this tiny kitten got the chance to live the life he always dreamed of. It all began when someone filmed him, revealing he was in desperate need of help.

His hind legs were paralyzed, and he meowed loudly, crying for help. But the most heartbreaking part was that he followed everyone he saw, hoping that someone would notice him and offer him the much-needed help.

Upon seeing this poor kitten, Fay, a volunteer of Rescue Adopt Foster animal rescue, wasted no time and rushed to save the desperate kitten.

cat sleeping on pillow
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Even though the kitten was rescued in the nick of time, his rescuer and the team of vets did their best to provide him with the best care possible. 

After a thorough examination, it was discovered that the kitten’s paralysis was due to nerve damage. However, the kitten didn’t let his paralysis stop him. He showed a remarkable fighting spirit and a strong will to live, warming everyone’s hearts.

The kitten was named Poe, and he received the necessary treatments and a foster home until he was officially adopted.

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Unfortunately, things got a bit complicated. His foster parent had to go on an unavoidable trip, leaving Poe without a foster home. Finding another one was challenging since Poe was a special needs kitty who required professional help. 

That was when his rescuer, Fay, stepped in once again. She already had a paralyzed kitty, so she decided to take Poe in until his foster mom returned from her trip. 

Taking care of Poe was pretty challenging. Due to dragging his legs, he was more prone to developing sores and cysts on them. But, that wasn’t all…

paralyzed kitten sleeping
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Poe’s condition kept worsening. One night, Fay noticed that Poe couldn’t stand on his own, and suddenly, he started having seizures.

The vet clinic was already closed, and Fay had no idea what to do. She contacted her vet friend, who quickly stepped in to help her and Poe. Miraculously, Poe made it through the night.

The vet conducted a thorough examination and discovered that his inability to stand, and the sudden seizures, were due to low glucose levels. He administered the appropriate treatment, and Poe quickly recovered.

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After everything they had been through, Fay grew more and more attached to Poe, and finally, she decided to officially adopt him. Poe made a full recovery and transformed into a big, active kitty, living his best life with his favorite human.

He became a happy kitty, just like any other cat, and nothing could stop him. It was all thanks to Rescue Adopt Foster and his human, Fay, who never gave up on him.

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However, not every story has a happy ending. Poe spent nearly 5 amazing years with Fay until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to liver and heart issues. 

Despite all the professional care and necessary treatments, he couldn’t fight any longer. Poe crossed the Rainbow Bridge, leaving his human heartbroken. She shared on her Instagram:

“He taught me so much about unconditional love and about paralysis. I gave him my all and for that, I have no regrets. He will forever be a spoiled mama’s boy.”

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No matter how difficult it was, this heartwarming story serves as an example of pure love and may inspire us to do better things for our feline friends, ensuring we provide them with the best life possible, just as Fay did with Poe.

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