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Plastic Bag Left In Front Of A Shelter Reveals Heartbreaking Contents

Plastic Bag Left In Front Of A Shelter Reveals Heartbreaking Contents

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Stray cats fighting for their survival in the streets are reason enough for me to be heartbroken. 

However, what makes my blood boil are human beings who treat their pets as disposable items. Recently I’ve stumbled upon a heartbreaking story, so get ready to hear all about it!

plastic bags
Credit: Facebook

This local shelter takes donations in every way possible. With more animals in need every day, they are grateful whenever someone leaves a bag full of food, treats, and cat litter as a small donation.

For years now, kind people would just leave plastic bags in front of their entrance and the shelter workers would collect them in the morning. 

So when one of their volunteers came for her morning shift and saw a white plastic bag in front, she didn’t think much of it. She was excited to see what they’ve received since new animals arrive almost every day!

plastic bags outdoor
Credit: Facebook

Sadly, once she came close and peeked inside the bag, her heart broke into a million pieces. A pair of round frightened eyes was looking right back at her, confused and afraid to move.

A gorgeous tabby cat was abandoned inside a plastic bag with a bag of food next to her. The poor soul didn’t even try to run away, probably because she was waiting for her owner to come back. 

cats head
Credit: Facebook

The rest of the staff soon arrived and they quickly brought the poor soul inside. Naming her Calinou, they fed and showered her with love. 

This kind of abandonment made the shelter manager furious, as she shared on Facebook:

“Tired of cowardly abandonments… Tired of seeing so much animal suffering… Tired of having to mend these broken little hearts…”

a cat looking away
Credit: Facebook

They were determined to find a loving home for Calinou, where she would never have to worry about being abandoned. 

Why her previous owner abandoned her was uncertain, but as you can probably all agree with me, it could have been done more humanely. 

cat staring
Credit: Facebook

If for any reason you are unable to care for your cats, surrender them but don’t abandon them. 

I’m more than grateful for the amazing shelter staff and their dedication to find Calinou a loving forever home!

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