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Protective Siamese Mama Cat Refuses To Leave Her Kittens’ Side

Protective Siamese Mama Cat Refuses To Leave Her Kittens’ Side

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This touching story shows a first-time mother cat named Sandra and her unwavering devotion to her kittens. Sandra is a three-year-old Siamese cat who loves her home… and her throne! 

She likes to nap and relax around the house. She loves her throne, but also the throne of her dragon pal named Frank. 

siamese cat standing by the glass box
Credit: YouTube

However, Sandra hasn’t been visiting Frank that much lately, and for good reason! She recently gave birth to a litter of kittens named Rudy, Finn, and Chai. She’s a first-time mom and seems to be overprotective of her babies.

Sandra is especially protective of Rudy, probably because he was born with one paw bent inward. However, he’s determined to make it and walk just like any other kitten, despite his physical difference. 

siamese cat feeding kittens
Credit: YouTube

Sandra, however, the protective mom that she is, won’t let Rudy out of her embrace. Even when he tries to claim some independence, Sandra grabs him. She is super focused on her kittens, so Frank has gotten lonely.

Rudy even tried to explore what Frank was all about, but Sandra wouldn’t let him. 

two white kittens
Credit: YouTube

Sandra just comes and swoops her kittens back into her embrace. Unfortunately, the day came when Rudy had to visit the vet who diagnosed him with a contracted tendon. However, luckily, this can be corrected. 

Rudy will have to wear a cast for a couple of weeks, but as determined and brave as he already is, it’ll be a piece of cake. Plus, with Sandra’s focus and constant presence, Rudy will learn to get around well in no time.

cat cuddling with kittens
Credit: YouTube

After about three weeks, Rudy visited the vet again. Even though his cast was not the most comfortable thing, he’s got used to it. Sandra’s devotion and love didn’t let Rudy be held back by his impurrfect paw. 

The cast has aligned Rudy’s paw and it’s as good as new! Now there’s nothing in the kittens’ way… except their protective mommy. 

Sandra still keeps a close watch over her kittens even though she’s thrilled that they are all having fun and playing freely around the house. 

cat sniffing big olizard
Credit: YouTube

Rudy’s brothers are amazed, but so is Sandra. This also reminded her to pay a visit to her old friend Frank herself. 

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