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The Relationship Between These Two Feral Cats Is Truly Something Out Of Romantic Movies

The Relationship Between These Two Feral Cats Is Truly Something Out Of Romantic Movies

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Many people often overlook the fact that our feline friends can form strong bonds with other cats and develop friendships, just like humans do!

That’s why it surprises us when we hear about a cat struggling with depression after losing or being separated from a fellow feline. Even more surprising is witnessing a remarkable transformation after a heartwarming reunion between two long-lost cats.

Today’s story features one such reunion between Sad Boy and Lola, two feral kitties from Tucson, Arizona. Their bond is sure to warm your heart and renew your faith in true love and friendships. 

So, get ready for an emotional journey – and have some tissues handy, just in case!

The first time Courtney, the cat lady familiar with both kitties, encountered Sad Boy, he was perched on the rooftop in her yard, observing her from above. 

Despite his calm demeanor, he wasn’t exactly friendly. It was evident that he had likely spent his entire life as a feral cat, which explained his cautiousness and reluctance to approach humans.

Although Courtney tried her best to befriend him, it was clear that Sad Boy was set in his ways as an outdoor cat. All she could do was ensure he had regular meals and provide treatment for his mosquito allergy. 

Just as suddenly as he had appeared in her yard, one day Sad Boy vanished. 

Knowing his feral nature, Courtney wasn’t surprised by his disappearance. She understood that roaming freely around Tuscon, Arizona was his way of life, and there wasn’t much she could do to change that.

The first time Courtney spotted Lola, another feral feline, she was wandering in her neighbor’s yard. 

After several days of leaving food out and attempting to gain Lola’s trust, Courtney successfully caught her and arranged for her to be spayed.

This experience made Lola slightly more trusting of Courtney. She began visiting Courtney more frequently, eventually allowing herself to be caught again. 

Courtney’s intention was to find a loving foster family for Lola so she could enjoy the comforts of indoor life.

While Courtney’s action initially seemed noble and well-intentioned, it soon proved to be a mistake…

Despite being a happy and healthy feline, Lola’s condition rapidly deteriorated after a couple of weeks in foster care. 

Around the same time, Sad Boy made an appearance in Courtney’s yard, looking worse than ever. He stopped grooming himself, and his once luscious white fur became dull, dirty, and matted. 

He also appeared more depressed than ever before, living up to his name to the fullest.

At first, Courtney feared he was suffering from some kind of disease until she put two and two together. Wanting to make him feel better, she decided to bring Lola back, eager to find out if her condition would improve as well.

Courtney might as well be dubbed a cat whisperer because her intuition hit the nail on the head. As soon as Lola was set free, she dashed straight for Sad Boy, whose demeanor instantly changed. 

t was as if he had been holding out hope for her return all along. Courtney was amazed by the transformation she witnessed in Sad Boy by the next day, reflecting on the moment with awe:

“The very next morning, Sad Boy was a bright, white, clean cat again. Lola spent all night cleaning him, and they literally have not left each other’s side since that moment.”

Once they were reunited, Lola became fiercely protective of Sad Boy, ready to shield him from any perceived danger. 

According to Courtney, this fierce lady would undoubtedly give her life for Sad Boy, no questions asked.

“I’ll just be filming Sad Boy, and all of a sudden, she slinks up behind him, and puts herself right there and is like, ‘What are you doing taking a video of my Sad Boy?’”

She’s not just his companion; she’s his steadfast protector – and that’s both sweet and hilarious at the same time!

Sad Boy takes on the role of a supportive partner for Lola, too, ensuring her needs are always met before his own. He’s not as assertive in his protection as Lola is for him, likely because she’s quite capable on her own. 

However, Sad Boy’s devotion is clear in his actions, especially during meal times when he ensures Lola eats first, standing guard attentively.

“Sad Boy will always make sure Lola eats first and he’ll kind of stand guard. He’ll be watching to make sure she gets her food first.”

Though Lola is fiercely independent, Sad Boy’s actions are those of a true gentleman, prioritizing her well-being above his.

Together, Sad Boy and Lola are inseparable, sharing their days grooming, cuddling, and exploring their surroundings side by side. 

Their bond is the stuff of movies, with moments that seem straight out of a romantic scene.

“Sometimes they’ll be out on their roof as the sun is setting, and it’s literally like they’re watching the sunset together. Or they’ll watch the stars come out.” 

Reflecting on their unique relationship, Courtney remarks:

“Living outdoors, before they were even fixed, to bond that closely – I’ve never really seen anything like it. They truly have restored my faith in relationships.”

And I can wholeheartedly agree with her! Sad Boy and Lola’s story is a testament to the depth of companionship and love that animals can share, setting a beautiful example for us all.

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