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See If You Can Watch This Kitty’s Incredible Transformation And Not Say Awww

See If You Can Watch This Kitty’s Incredible Transformation And Not Say Awww

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Let me introduce you to Chloe, the kitty whose heartwarming journey from darkness to light will leave a lasting impression on your heart.

One evening, a fragile kitten with eyes still closed arrived at a shelter. Requiring special care which the shelter couldn’t provide, she faced a devastating fate. With night falling and no one to save her, the poor thing was about to be euthanized.

However, though the night was dark, it wasn’t without stars. After contacting local rescues and facing countless rejections to take Chloe in, there was finally one to say yes. Just in the nick of time, a star was found to shine upon her life!

It was the Cats and the Studio Rescue that took Chloe in and found a caring foster mom named Cheri to take care of her. Settled in a warm and loving home, Chloe’s new life chapter began.

At first, Chloe seemed like any other kitten. However, when she was three weeks old, Cheri noticed her troubled walking and discovered the poor thing had Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

Soon, caring for Chloe presented a whole new set of challenges for Cheri. She found it especially hard to teach the little lady how to use the litter box as this turned out to be quite messy. Cheri shared:

“The litter box was a HUGE challenge. She fell in it 3 times a day covered in sand and diarrhea. I needed to bathe and blow dry her 3 times a day. It was overwhelming and so much work.”

However, despite being exhausted and uncertain many times, the caring woman didn’t give up. She made Chloe do physical therapy, which proved to be very helpful for her mobility. Cheri shared:

“Next we started physical therapy 3 times a day. She loved it and her little legs were getting stronger. She started to become more mobile but not in the usual way, but her way. I needed to accept her like she accepts herself.”

As days went by filled with cuddles and purrs, Chloe blossomed into a playful kitten, enjoying every moment of her newfound independence. She was happy, well-adjusted, and quite smart as well. Cheri shared:

“She is the brightest cat I have ever had. Her mind works like a human. When I ask her questions she understands and answers me back and then will do what I asked of her.”

As Chloe grew, so did her confidence and strength. The clumsy furball who once stumbled with every step she made, could now run and even climb a few stairs. Her progress was just incredible.

Once Chloe got strong enough, Cheri decided it was time to find her a forever home where she would continue to thrive. She knew her little soldier deserved nothing less.

This is little Chloe now, her new name is Lilo. Although still a little unsteady, she is living her best life in a loving home

Her precious life is saved, reminding us that, even in the darkest of times, there is always light!

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