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Rescued Cat Saves Lives Of Two Abandoned Kittens In Need

Rescued Cat Saves Lives Of Two Abandoned Kittens In Need

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Rescuing a cat is already a great deed, but it becomes even more incredible when that cat ends up saving another feline. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. It seems that cats learn more from us than we realize. 

This remarkable cat named Baebo noticed two stray kittens outside his window and immediately started meowing loudly to alert his owners about the situation. 

the house cat is sitting by the window

His meows were so loud that even the neighbors heard them. 

“It was just so loud, and we would have neighbors texting us, ‘What’s going on?”

They also heard meows coming from outside their own house. Concerned about the approaching winter, Baebo’s owners went to investigate.

a man and a woman are looking for kittens

Realizing that the poor kittens shouldn’t be left out in the cold, Baebo’s owners joined forces with their neighbors to help. 

They brought out all the cat food they had, tempting the hungry kittens to come closer. Slowly and gently, they approached the kittens, trying not to frighten them. Sara, one of the neighbors, successfully managed to get one of the kittens into a carrier.

a woman feeds an abandoned kitten

However, the second kitten was extremely shy and scared. Despite their efforts over a couple of hours, the kitten remained elusive. They decided to return the next day and give it another try. 

“We just weren’t able to get him to trust us, so we decided to try some traps to see if he would come inside.”

Unfortunately, all the traps they set were empty, except for one that had caught a possum.

a man found an abandoned kitten

After four days, they employed a ‘drop trap’, allowing them to sit further away and pull the string to capture the cat once it was inside. Now this little kitty was quite an escape artist, which is how he got his name, Lupin.

Finally, Lupin was successfully captured and reunited with his sister, Waffles.

“When we realized he was right there, they just let the trap down, and he was caught!”

cute two gray kittens

Though it took some time for Lupin to trust his rescuers, seeing his sister safe and comfortable around them helped build his confidence. Gradually, over the course of a few months, Lupin also learned to trust them.

a boy caresses a found kitten

It was during this period that the kittens’ rescuers decided to surprise their children with some exciting news – they would be adopting the kittens!

two boys are reading from a paper

Waffles found her forever home with the neighbors, while Lupin became part of Baebo’s family, joining his cat savior and the rest of their household.

a child caresses a gray kitten

I believe they’re both in good hands now. As little Zoe puts it:

“I personally love him a lot, even more than I like chocolate.”

What more proof of love do we need? 

cute kittens look at their owner

The whole story is heartwarming. Baebo appears to have saved these two abandoned kittens, and it’s truly amazing to witness how the once-frightened Lupin has become relaxed and excited to play with his “older bro” Baebo.

the cat sits and looks at the gray kitten on the scratching post

“Seeing them snuggled up together on that couch under the window where everything started is just so special.”

two cats are sleeping on the couch

Witness the touching rescue in the video below:

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