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Fearless Mother Cat Urges Rescuers To Follow Her Only To Discover The Furriest Surprise

Fearless Mother Cat Urges Rescuers To Follow Her Only To Discover The Furriest Surprise

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No one and nothing compares to a mother and her instincts. A mother, be it human or animal, will do anything in her power to protect and save her children. 

That’s exactly what this stray cat did when she realized she couldn’t do it alone anymore.

In addition to her effort, she was also very lucky and was destined to be saved. The stray mother cat and her three kittens were by the side of the road, which is a dangerous place for all of them. 

Fortunately, a passerby noticed them and immediately contacted CatRescue 901 to help the poor cat and kittens. The rescuers arrived in a blink of an eye and expected the cat to run away out of fear, but they were left speechless.

photo of a tricolor stray cat who approached the rescuers

The brave mother cat carefully approached the rescuers and led them to her three kittens. They said:

“The cat was skin and bones, and she had plainly done everything she could to feed and protect her animals.”

The cat and her kittens were rescued and brought to the shelter. There, they immediately received necessary medical care, as they were starving. But, it got worse…

Upon further examination, the vets discovered that the three kittens had eyelid agenesis. According to the Veterinary Vision Center, eyelid agenesis is a congenital condition that causes abnormal eyelid development in cats. 

photo of three adorable stray kittens in grass

Cats with this condition may lack a part or all of the upper eyelids. If this condition isn’t properly treated, it can lead to blindness.

After the diagnosis, the kittens were given appropriate treatments. They were also fed and bathed, and the rescuers provided them with comfy beds so they could rest.

The mother cat, Elodie, was in better condition than her kittens, but she also received treatments and was spayed. She started gaining strength very quickly after that.

tricolor stray cat taking care of her kittens

After the rescuers had cared for the cat and her kittens, Jenny, the founder of the rescue group, said:

“Not many people could afford eye agenesis surgery since it’s so costly. The path to recovery is still ahead of them, but what matters is that their mother, Elodie, is certain that they are in excellent hands.”

This story is an example of how a mother’s love is great and strong and knows no fear or defeat. The poor cat was giving her all to the kittens so they could survive. But, when she couldn’t do it anymore, she approached the rescuers and led them to the three kittens, kindly asking for help.

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