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California Rescuers Save A Scruffy Cat From Euthanasia, Giving Him A Chance Of A Lifetime

California Rescuers Save A Scruffy Cat From Euthanasia, Giving Him A Chance Of A Lifetime

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Sadly, most animal shelters are full of cats. What’s even sadder is that many of them are on the euthanasia list, either due to their bad health conditions or old age. 

But, thanks to the rescuers from Cats of San Bernardino in California, the number on the euthanasia list is decreasing. They visit shelters to save those kitties and give them a second chance in life. 

One of their missions turned into a remarkable journey, creating a heartwarming story. 

cat behind grids
Credit: YouTube

In one of the shelters, they saw a special ginger cat sitting alone in the shelter cage. His name was Prometheus, and he was in a severely bad condition. His fur was completely matted, he was shy, and he had issues with his front paw.

As soon as they saw him, the rescuers knew they had to act right away if they wished to give Prometheus a better life.

veterinarian holding kitten
Credit: YouTube

So, they took him into their foster care, and that was only the beginning of his remarkable journey and transformation.

Prometheus’s fur was so severely matted that his rescuers first decided to give him a fresh haircut, transforming him into an adorable little lion.

Next on the list was a complete vet check, where it was discovered he needed paw surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was a success and his paw quickly recovered.

Scruffy Shelter Cat
Credit: YouTube

After giving him a complete makeover, Prometheus was still very shy and withdrawn, but that didn’t stop his rescuers from finding him a home. They knew he just needed the right family.

So, they started sharing his photos and videos on Instagram, and it’s not a surprise that he received numerous adoption applications. 

The rescuers decided to carefully choose Prometheus’s adopters, and when they spoke to a woman named Carrie, they knew it right away. Carrie and Prometheus were a purrfect match.

When Carrie and her husband met Prometheus for the first time, they immediately felt a connection and knew they needed to adopt him. Carrie said:

“My husband and I looked at each other and went, ‘We need this little guy.’”

And that’s how Prometheus got a new forever home and loving human parents. But, besides all that, he also got a canine sister named April, with whom he instantly bonded. Carrie said:

“Prometheus would lick April and groom April as a sign of love, and April just kind of sits there. We joke that he thinks he’s a dog. We call him a cog.”

With each passing day, Prometheus transformed into a playful, happy kitty. However, his human parents were surprised to see how food-motivated he was. 

For a cat who had a tough life, that’s not a surprise at all. He would just eat as much as possible, worried that he might not get to eat again. Luckily, his parents knew that with time and love, Prometheus would start feeling more secure. 

And that’s exactly what happened. Prometheus’s true personality started to blossom after some time. He became a true attention-seeker who loves to play and shower others with love. 

His journey is so truly remarkable that sometimes even his parents can’t believe he’s the same cat from the shelter. Carrie said:

“From the time we saw his video, and to seeing him now, own his space and be happy and be goofy, playing and demanding attention, just showing all that love.” 

In the end, this journey positively influenced everyone. I believe that both Prometheus and Carrie saved each other. He filled that hole in Carrie’s life, and she gave him a second chance to have a good life, as he always deserved. 

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