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Drama Unfolds At Chicago Marathon As Runner Stops The Race To Rescue A Kitten In Distress

Drama Unfolds At Chicago Marathon As Runner Stops The Race To Rescue A Kitten In Distress

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A Boston runner tackled her first-ever Chicago Marathon, but her race took an unexpected turn when she spotted a tiny kitten in need!

Sarah Bohan, aiming for a personal best, found her heartstrings tugged when she saw the scared feline during mile 21 of the marathon. Without hesitation, she paused her run to rescue the helpless kitten.

As reported by CBS Chicago, Sarah, along with another runner, scooped up the kitten, matted fur and all, and carried it for over a mile. Despite knowing her personal record might suffer, Sarah’s instinct to help was stronger.

two runners and kitten
Source: YouTube

“It was a tiny kitten, the fur was matted, and I think something just clicked and I was like this is more important right now. And I remember being like ‘But your PR is gonna go out the window, you’re not gonna be able to make it.’ It was just an instinct. I think that’s human instinct at that point.”

women and kitten
Source: YouTube

Sarah wasn’t sure what to do with the poor kitten at that moment, so she carried him for about a mile in her arms until she noticed a spectator watching her. They agreed to take in the kitten and give it a home.

woman giving a cat to another woman
Source: YouTube

Although her personal record remained intact, Sarah crossed the finish line three hours, 31 minutes, and 13 seconds later. Despite the longer race time, she walked away with an unforgettable story from her first Chicago Marathon.

As for the lucky kitten, it found its forever home, all thanks to Sarah’s selfless act. The spectator who took the kitten from Sarah during the Chicago Marathon was Andrea Maldonado.

woman holding a cute white kitten
Source: YouTube

Thanks to Paws Chicago, Andrea is now the proud owner of this little fellow. At the time of the marathon, Andrea wasn’t actively seeking a pet. But as fate would have it, our pets often find us, and it’s like they choose us to be their family.

Andrea was simply sitting on the sidelines, soaking in the beautiful day while watching the marathon with her family. They were cheering on the runners when suddenly, Sarah, one of the participants, passed the kitten to her.

Sarah approached Andrea and asked if she could provide a home for the kitten, and without hesitation, Andrea readily agreed!

two cats eating from bowl
Source: YouTube

Both Sarah and the kitten gazed at her with hopeful eyes, and Andrea couldn’t resist. 

Susanna Wickham, the CEO of Paws Chicago, praised Sarah’s dedication to their cause. Not only is she supporting her local shelter, but she also rescued a kitten along the way. 

Susanna reached out to Andrea, and they were overjoyed to find the purr-fect owner for the kitten, who was eager to provide him with a fur-ever home.

cat sitting on a car for kids
Source: YouTube

“This kitten was by itself, under a tunnel, in a pile of leaves, covered in fleas. And matted, and look at him now.”

Andrea affectionately refers to her home as a farmhouse because, with her kids and all the pets, it can get pretty lively. She has a son, three daughters, two cats, and a dog. 

Talk about a full house! Looks like this kitten truly hit the jackpot, finding such a loving and bustling home!

kitten and owner
Source: YouTube

Andrea’s brother thought the name Casper would be perfect for their adorable new furry family member, and everyone agreed. 

Susanna is thrilled, and they all believe that they couldn’t have found a better home for Casper. Fate stepped in, bringing Sarah and Casper together, showing that sometimes, unexpected detours lead to the most heartwarming outcomes.

Fate brought Sarah and Casper together, proving that sometimes, unexpected detours lead to the most heartwarming outcomes. 

While Sarah was running for the cause of Paws Chicago, she stumbled upon a “paws in need” situation and did her best to help.

Can you picture yourself in Sarah’s shoes? What would you do in her situation?

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