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Senior Cat Was Heartbroken After Losing His Beloved Family, Not Knowing Better Days Were Coming

Senior Cat Was Heartbroken After Losing His Beloved Family, Not Knowing Better Days Were Coming

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Cat life isn’t always fun, and this kitty couldn’t be a better example. After 16 years of living with a family that provided him with love and care, this kitty lost everything. 

When cats get used to their humans, it’s tough for them to start trusting new owners, especially at a senior age like this cat was.

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After losing the only family he’s ever known, this sweet 16-year-old boy named Orion, was taken to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League in Fort Worth, Texas.

All of a sudden, Orion’s life was turned upside down, and he was heartbroken. When he arrived at the cat sanctuary, he was anxious and spent a lot of time hiding, grieving his old family, and not wanting to accept his new surroundings.

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Orion felt so lost and desperate, but little did he know that better things awaited him because he was in good hands. 

The professional team from Kitty Adventure Rescue League in Texas provided him with a lot of love and care, showing him that he was safe with them.

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Once Orion realized this place had become his new home, he completely transformed.

Orion turned into the most affectionate kitty in the sanctuary, showing gratitude for the lovely people who helped him when he needed help the most.

He would simply cuddle every human and cat that passed by him; however, his main signature for expressing his love was headbutting different objects.

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Even though Orion was devastated and lost after losing the only humans he has ever loved, he turned out to be an affectionate cat with a huge heart with enough love for everyone. 

Now, his worries have come to an end because he is surrounded by kind-hearted people who made him feel loved again.

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He just can’t stop showing them his love and gratitude. He’s a lucky cat to have such a paw-fect place to spend his last years with people who truly love him.

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