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Shelter Almost Gave Up On A Feral Cat Until A Kind Couple Discovered His Gentle Nature

Shelter Almost Gave Up On A Feral Cat Until A Kind Couple Discovered His Gentle Nature

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Are you searching for a cuddly companion at the animal shelter? You might be surprised by some of the cats you find there. Some may seem distant or even hiss at you, making you think they are wild and untamed. 

However, the truth is that many of these kitties are just shy! Just like us, cats thrive in a peaceful and loving environment. 

Living in a shelter can make it tough for cats to show their real selves, which can make it tricky for them to get adopted. 

However, once they find a home, they can finally let loose and have fun, just like what happened in Irvine, California with a kitten named ‘Jax with a Twist’.

shelter cat
Credit: Instagram

In the busy shelter, Jax was super alert and always prepared to defend himself. The shelter staff noticed his ear had a small cut, making them believe he was a feral cat that had been caught and released after being spayed or neutered. 

However, upon closer inspection, they realized that Jax’s ear was only slightly damaged, leading them to think he may have gotten into a fight with another cat. 

A lot of stuff might’ve happened to him, and nobody knows exactly what, but Jax was really scared because of it. 

close-up photo of shelter cat
Credit: Instagram

Due to limited time, assistance, and supplies, the shelter decided to release him back to where he was found. They thought this was a better option than putting him down. However, this little cat only needed to find a caring family.

When everything seemed so gloomy, his rescuers arrived! Lucy and Marcus had been mourning their dear cat Hugo, who was 17 years old.

After nine months, they came across Jax’s photo online. Despite their uncertainties, they chose to pay him a visit. 

cat being held
Credit: Instagram

As the staff brought him in, he seemed grumpy and tense. It was easy to see why they thought he was wild. 

However, the second Jax met Marcus, he immediately fell in love. In just five minutes, Jax melted in Marcus’s arms, but he was still very nervous. After seeing him like that, the couple started to have second thoughts.

Eventually, they decided to give fostering a chance and soon enough, it turned out to be the right choice, as they shared on Instagram:

“Embarking on a journey skeptically, we discovered Jax, a feral kitten resembling our cat Hugo, who passed 9 months ago”.

woman holding and petting a cat
Credit: Instagram

Jax didn’t take long to feel comfortable and safe in his new home. He turned into a super cuddly pet, snuggling with his new family as if he had always been there. They mentioned:

“Despite a rough start, Jax became the sweetest companion. Every day with him feels like a blessing, and we can’t help but feel that he was meant to be with us. I’m convinced that my Grandma and Hugo orchestrated his arrival as a little angel sent to brighten our lives”.

cat sleeping
Credit: Instagram

It was obvious that Jax was exactly where he belonged. And guess what? His family created an Instagram for him so you can keep up with all of Jax’s new experiences.

In the end, I’m happy he didn’t lose hope, and I’m happy this couple didn’t give up on him. If it weren’t for them, who knows what could have happened to him? 

So, don’t let their shy attitude stop you when you visit a shelter. Your perfect furry friend might be waiting for you right there!

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