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Shelter Cat With A Rough Past Charms An Older Couple From Bridgehampton Who End Up Adopting Him

Shelter Cat With A Rough Past Charms An Older Couple From Bridgehampton Who End Up Adopting Him

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When Toothpick found himself abandoned on the side of the road in Bridgehampton, New York, in rough shape and all alone, he couldn’t have imagined a miracle was just around the corner. 

But luck was on his side when the kind folks at The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons – ARF stumbled upon him and decided to take action, taking him under their wing.  

Discovered lying in a muddy puddle, Toothpick was a sorry sight, infested with fleas, coated in dirt, and severely underweight, tipping the scales at less than half a pound. 

The team from ARF didn’t waste a moment; they scooped him up and rushed him to their veterinary partners for the urgent care he desperately needed. Diagnosed with anemia among other issues, the race was on to nurse Toothpick back to health. 

They bathed him, provided emergency medical attention, fed him a hearty meal, and wrapped him in a fuzzy blanket to keep him warm.

As he was too weak and fragile for the hustle and bustle of shelter life, Toothpick spent his recovery period in foster care, where he regained his strength. 

He also had the chance there to hang out with other cats, helping him to perk up and get back on his paws.

Once he was feeling better, Toothpick returned to ARF, ready to find a forever home.

That’s where Susan and her husband come into the picture – a couple from Bridgehampton who had initially come to ARF with the intention of adopting just one cat.

As they were making their rounds, they were charmed by an outgoing black cat named Galaxy, who reached out to them from behind the glass of her enclosure. 

But it was Toothpick who stole the show and their hearts when he reached out to Susan’s husband with a little paw wave that said, “Pick me!” 

For Susan’s husband, it was love at first sight. He talked about their first encounter, saying:

“He saw me come in, and his paws shot right out of the cage. So I went over and that was it! I just had to have him.”

They knew they couldn’t leave without him. So, they left ARF that day not with one, but two new furry family members, Galaxy and Toothpick, ready to start their new life together.

Susan couldn’t be happier with her decision to welcome two cats into her home. She describes their presence as simply magical, watching them play, eat, nap, and then start the cycle all over again brings endless joy to her household.

And what about her husband? Well, it’s safe to say that he shared his wife’s enthusiasm. 

He perfectly summed up the power of cat rescue and the joy of cat parenthood, by saying:

“The fact that ARF can take a half-alive little animal and turn it into what is bringing us more laughter than we’ve had in the last eight years is just amazing. I mean, we wake up laughing, and we go to bed laughing at these cats.”

As for their thoughts on The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, both Susan and her husband are full of gratitude. They recognize the importance of supporting such a vital organization and are proud to contribute to its mission. 

They highlight how every donation, big or small, plays a crucial role in saving animals’ lives and bringing joy to families like theirs. 

Writing a check to ARF felt more rewarding than they could have ever imagined, underscoring their belief in the importance of continuing the organization’s life-saving work for Toothpick and countless other animals in need.

Owning cats completely changed their lives. Susan’s husband found profound joy and perspective through their cat companions, noting:

“When you’re in the presence of an animal that’s just happy to be alive and be sharing your home with you for me, it diminishes a lot of my complaining about my life, and it makes me see a much bigger picture.”

To this, Susan added that “it would be a loss not to have that experience in life,” a sentiment I wholeheartedly share. 

Life without the enriching presence of our feline friends would indeed feel incomplete. They bring a unique joy and perspective to our daily lives that’s irreplaceable.

The story of Toothpick’s rescue and how he, along with his new sibling, brought unmeasurable happiness to their new family is a testament to the power of pet adoption. 

It’s heartwarming to know that Toothpick went from being a vulnerable kitten on the streets to being a beloved family member, bringing laughter and joy every day. 

Here’s to hoping every cat waiting in a shelter finds their forever home and guardian angel, just like Toothpick did.

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