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Couple Visits A Shelter To Adopt A Dog But Ends Up Taking Home A Whole New Kind Of Love

Couple Visits A Shelter To Adopt A Dog But Ends Up Taking Home A Whole New Kind Of Love

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Senior cats will forever hold a special place in my heart. Knowing these poor souls spend years in shelters without a single adoption application, breaks my heart.

Our senior feline friends need a loving home as much as all of the abandoned stray kittens, but sadly people usually adopt younger cats. 

fluffy kitten
Credit: YouTube

Recently I stumbled upon Hang Nguyen’s story and it restored my faith in humanity. Buckle up for her amazing adoption story!

Hang’s fiance Kyle wanted to adopt a dog for as long as he can remember. Whenever he asked Hang about it she always said no!

Hang grew up in a petless household, as her mom believed cats and dogs are stinky animals who ask for too much attention. As she never owned a pet, Hang was a bit afraid to adopt!

kitten snuggling
Credit: YouTube

One day she finally gave in and agreed to go with Kyle to a local shelter in New Jersey. As she shared in her video:

“I figured we can look around and if I see a cute dog, I might warm up to the idea of having a pet, especially if they needed a home.”

kitten in metal cage
Credit: YouTube

However, once they arrived at the shelter they were informed that the dog area was being renovated and they could only introduce them to their cats that desperately needed a home.

The couple agreed, thinking they would just look at the cats and go home. However, destiny had something else planned for them…

a kiiten cuddling
Credit: YouTube

The shelter staff introduced them to a cat named Beppo, a senior sweetheart with the most gorgeous fluffy coat I’ve ever seen! Poor Beppo had cloudy eyes and had been in the shelter for quite some time, without a single adoption application.

cat hiding
Credit: YouTube

Hang instantly fell in love with Beppo and before she knew it, she filled out the adoption paperwork. One week later, the sweet senior fluffball was on his way to a forever home.

Since he spent years in a shelter environment, poor Beppo was afraid at first. He was hiding behind the toilet, behind the bed, and even under the dresser. 

Hang was afraid she might be doing something wrong, as she said:

“I was also scared because I didn’t know if I was a good cat mom. I was worried if he would open up. I literally felt bad that I took him home from the shelter. Like that’s how bad it was.”

cat playing at home
Credit: YouTube

Little did Hang know, it was the best decision she ever made. Beppo only needed a few days to adjust to his new environment and his behavior was perfectly normal. 

However, after almost a week in his new home, Beppo almost gave his parents a heart attack! As Hang explained:

“Somehow he found a way to get in the hole in our wall. While we were freaking out on how to get him out, he came out like everything was normal.”

woman snuggling with kittem
Credit: YouTube

Beppo finally started exploring around the house, feeling more comfortable around his new parents. As Hang mentioned:

“But slowly and eventually, I feel like he got used to the movements around the home. My movement, and that I am not there to hurt him.”

One more thing that truly made my day was when Hang realized just how perfect a cat is as a pet. Everything she thought about cats being stinky and wanting too much attention was wrong!

a cat with purple toy
Credit: YouTube

Hang and her fiance fell head over heels for sweet Beppo and she even advocates for senior cats now! As said:

“Adult cats are amazing. Sometimes I think about how I met him randomly at the shelter and what could have happened if I didn’t meet him or give him a chance because I thought I wasn’t ready for a pet.”

I’m beyond grateful for Hang and Kyle because they provided Beppo with a loving forever home. He will always be safe with them, not having to worry about spending his life at a shelter!

If you want to follow Beppo’s and Hang’s journey, make sure to follow them over on Instagram!

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