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Tiny Kitten Makes A Grand Entrance At The Shelter Arriving In A Teabox

Tiny Kitten Makes A Grand Entrance At The Shelter Arriving In A Teabox

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During every kitten season, a lot of baby kittens end up in animal shelters. They are separated from their mothers and need someone to care for them. Sadly, shelters usually don’t have the means to keep these little ones alive.

This is where fostering comes in. 

Fostering is a great way to help. It’s heartwarming and only lasts a few weeks before you have to say ‘goodbye’. Anyone can learn how to foster kittens, and it’s their only shot at a full life.

This is the story of Tetley, and how just a few weeks of foster care helped give her a second chance at life. 

woman with blue gloves holding the kitten

Tetley got her name because she was so tiny that she was brought to the shelter in a teabox. Hannah, a seasoned foster mom known as the Kitten Lady, was surprised and asked:

“What do you mean a teabox?”

They just couldn’t believe that a kitten could be that small. Then Hannah concluded:

“Oh well, she needs to be named after some kind of tea then.”

So, they named her Tetley.

Tetley was just two weeks old when she was found outside and brought to the shelter in that teabox. Kittens that young need care around the clock, including bottle feeding, gentle grooming, and assistance with going to the bathroom.

person holding the kitten

Taking care of young kittens requires being awake during the night, so having someone to share the shifts can help. Andrew got a quick lesson in kitten care…

man taking care of the kitten

…and their friend Katherine helped out when they were away.

woman holding and petting the cat

With some love and teamwork, Tetley started growing up. She got the nickname “alien space bear” because of her big eyes and tiny ears. She was adorable and playful.

“Her cuteness is otherworldly!”

close-up photo of the kitten

After a quarantine period, Tetley got to know Chloe, another foster kitten. 

This socializing is vital for kittens, as it helps them develop good behavior and learn about grooming and sharing space with other cats. Tetley showed she loved being around other felines from the start. 

two kittens named tetley and chloe

As Tetley got older, she transitioned from bottle feeding to drinking from a bowl, and then to eating cat food. 

She enjoyed toys and playtime, showcasing her hunting instincts. But amidst all the playfulness, Tetley was also affectionate and cuddly.

kitten tetley sleeping

Soon, it was clear Tetley was ready for adoption. 

Foster parents often become attached to the kittens they care for, but the ultimate goal is to prepare them for a forever home. While it’s hard to say goodbye, knowing they’ve helped the kittens prepare for their new families is rewarding.

woman holding kitten tetley

When the time was right, Tetley found her new family – a woman and her teenage son, who is a volunteer at their local shelter. And the best part is that they already had two cats for Tetley to befriend.

photo of boy and tetley in living room

Tetley’s foster family, along with her new one, gathered to celebrate her adoption day. They signed the papers and said their goodbyes, knowing it was a joyful moment. They all gave her lots of kisses and shed a few tears of joy.

man and woman kissing the cat

As Hannah put it:

“It’s not a sad day. It’s a celebration. Goodbye is the goal of fostering, and we’re all celebrating saying goodbye to Tetley, and wishing her a happy journey and a happy life.”

family photo with cat tetley

You can watch the full rescue story here:

I hope you enjoyed this heartwarming story and learned something about foster care. Feel free to share it with your friends and comment your thoughts below!

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