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Shelter’s Angriest Cat Completely Transforms After Feeling The Touch Of True Love

Shelter’s Angriest Cat Completely Transforms After Feeling The Touch Of True Love

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When it comes to making a first impression, everybody knows that not every shelter cat displays the friendliest behavior. Many of them tend to be reserved, timid, or even a bit hostile towards potential adopters.

Consequently, some cat parents might pass them over at the shelter in favor of more sociable feline companions.

Fortunately, there are still compassionate individuals willing to provide a forever home to a less-than-friendly kitty, despite being aware of the additional effort required. Like this couple from Phoenix, whose story we’re covering today! 

photo of cat sitting
Credit: Reddit

Carrie Choi and Cody Carlton ventured to HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, seeking to add a new feline member to their already cat-loving household.

As they were playing with a kitten named Skittles, a commotion from the cage above suddenly caught their attention. 

The noise came from a two-year-old kitty named Chowder, who displayed a newfound curiosity about the couple’s presence.

This sudden behavior change surprised shelter staff, as Chowder was not known for being the friendliest cat in the shelter. She rarely came out from the back of her cage and never allowed anyone to pet her. 

According to the staff, Chowder’s owner had surrendered her to a different shelter, from which she was transferred to HALO Animal Rescue for being ‘too aggressive’. 

The poor thing was sad, scared, and disappointed in life and humans, which was manifested in her hostile behavior.

man holding a cat
Credit: Reddit

Chowder’s heartbreaking story touched Carrie’s heart. As she shared with Newsweek:

“It broke my heart to think that she was at the shelter for so long. We figured that Skittles would have NO problem getting adopted easily, but no one would even look twice at Chowder.”

Moved by compassion, the couple decided to adopt Chowder and brought her to their home, where they placed her in a spare room.

During the initial moments, Chowder hesitated to leave the crate she came in, and once she ventured out, she immediately sought refuge, displaying evident fear. Carrie said:

“When I tried to approach her with treats in hand, she started to growl. My husband tried getting close too, but she would try to back up in the corner even more, hiss, growl, and swat if you got too close.”

Recognizing that Chowder needed space, Carrie and Cody opted to leave her alone, allowing her to explore their home on her own terms while completely ignoring her presence.

This strategy turned out to be brilliant because, by the next morning, Chowder was an entirely different kitty.

two cats indoors
Credit: Reddit

She started accepting treats directly from their hands and even allowed them to pet her and pick her up. She was even willing to play with ribbons and other toys and interact with her new feline sibling. 

In a matter of days, Chowder shed her aggressive demeanor entirely, evolving into the most affectionate kitty one could imagine. She traded hissing and swatting for meowing and purring, and her hiding for constant cuddling.

cat sitting on laptop
Credit: Reddit

Carrie shared her story on Reddit and received an outpouring of kind words and praise. One person wrote:

“People like you are the only chance these babies have. Thank you!”

Indeed, individuals like Carrie and her husband Cody provide felines like Chowder with the opportunity to experience the love and security of a forever home. 

This story underscores the transformative power of genuine love, capable of turning even the most defensive animals into loving and devoted fluffs.

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