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Soldier Finds A Disabled Kitten During Her Deployment With The US Army

Soldier Finds A Disabled Kitten During Her Deployment With The US Army

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Christine Bouldin is a soldier and an intelligence specialist with a huge heart, and soon you’ll find out why. At the time, she was coming to the end of her last deployment with the U.S. Army.

Little did she know back then, that a furry little rascal would turn her life around just seconds before her departure.

soldier woman holds a cat

Bouldin saw a cat and a kitten wandering near the base. She was shocked to see them in such a place and quickly noticed that the kitten had walking issues. She said:

“I felt so sorry for her. She couldn’t stand up and would flip over.”

Unable to leave them behind, Bouldin decided to take care of them. She began feeding them using rations from mealtime, and the kitten’s condition quickly improved. 

Cat standing on the rocks

However, Bouldin discovered that the kitten, whom she named Felix, had cerebellar hypoplasia.

Fortunately, cats with cerebellar hypoplasia can still have healthy and happy lives, just like Phineas the wobbly cat. The only thing is that they need extra help.

Cat sitting on the woman soliders lap

Over time, Bouldin formed a strong bond with Felix, and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her behind. 

She started asking around to see if she could take the cats back to the United States with the canine unit, but as expected, the answer was no.

Solider woman starring at the cat

Bouldin was desperate and knew she had to do something to transfer them. In the meantime, the mother cat went missing, and she never came back. 

Now, she had an even better reason to make a plan to transfer Felix with her, rather than leaving her all alone.

A veterinarian who had given Felix shots helped Bouldin by mentioning Pam Constable, an American who was performing an animal rescue nearby.

Woman holding cat in her arms

Bouldin immediately contacted Constable, and finally, she received happy news. Constable said that Felix could stay with her, and Bouldin returned home to Colorado. Constable said about Felix:

“In spite of her having a lot of special needs, the kitten found ways to do what she needed to do. It’s very inspiring to see an animal like that just fight to live because so many people underestimate them.”

Two cats sleeping together

The following year, Constable was flying home, and she brought Felix with her so that she could be reunited with her owner, Bouldin, in North Carolina.

Everything went perfectly, and Bouldin and Felix are now inseparable. Felix lives in Colorado with Bouldin, her family, and a fellow cat named Gus. 

Cat sleeps on the floor

I’m glad that this story has a happy ending too, and it appears that some things are definitely worth waiting for.

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