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Story About Spicy Chicken Nugget Gets Viral Fame And Earns Him A Forever Home

Story About Spicy Chicken Nugget Gets Viral Fame And Earns Him A Forever Home

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Rescuers at Rio Grande Valley Humane Society encounter all sorts of stray kitties, including those with a bit of attitude. However, that’s not a problem for them. With a little affection, these feisty felines quickly transform into lovable companions. 

Yet, their newest furry addition was a completely different case. He was unlike any kitten they encountered before. The shelter shared his story and it instantly got viral fame!

It all started when the team rescued a gray and white tuxedo kitten and soon realized this wasn’t another poor soul in desperate need of care and affection. 

This kitty was something else! He requested a royal treatment and made no apologies for it. As much as they hoped he would soften, he didn’t change his sassiness for anyone. They named him Spicy Chicken Nugget – the name that spoke for itself!

funny cat in cage
Source: Facebook

The shelter staff had their hands full with Spicy. He strutted around like he owned the place and threw sass at anyone around him. He acted like he was in charge and wasn’t afraid to show it. 

Once the team realized their new buddy had a serious cattitude, they shared his story on their Facebook page. Little did they know their post would capture so many hearts.

The story about Spicy perfectly described what this kitty would be like if he were a human talking. It started like this:

“My name is Spicy Chicken Nugget. I’ve been seeing my photo going around. Here’s the deal – Everybody knows I’m the boss around here.”

Now, you probably think you know what was behind it – another rescue kitten throwing a little cattitude. Believe me, that wasn’t the case. This kitty didn’t just have a cattitude, he practically invented the term!

comment on facebook
Source: Facebook

Spicy’s adoption listing seemed like a declaration. It outlined what he wanted in his forever home and what he hated. This fiery feline was determined to stand out, not by his cuteness, but by boldly showing his raw personality.

He made it clear he wasn’t interested in just any human friend. He wanted someone to offer him a kingdom because obviously, he was a king! He figured he’d earned it, you know?

As soon as people read this brutally honest and hilarious post, Spicy’s story went viral. I must say, whoever runs the shelter’s social media deserves applause for making it so funny. Now that’s called creative advertising! 

This Texan feline caught the attention of the online community so much that adoption offers immediately began pouring in. People praised his unapologetic and unique personality.

woman with mask holding a kitten
Source: Facebook

It was exactly this straightforward demand that earned Spicy a forever home. As it turned out, he was adopted the day after his story was shared. 

Despite his spicy nature, he was taken in by a loving woman who welcomed him with an open heart (and obviously a brave one). 

It seemed she appreciated Spicy’s authenticity and embraced him for who he was, with all his spunky quirks.

However, once he found his perfect match, Spicy finally revealed his warm side. It seemed this feisty kitty fell in love with his owner and realized hoomans weren’t so bad after all. 

facebook post
Source: Facebook

It’s amazing what love can do, right?

As if people weren’t already blown away by this loving confession, Spicy shared another heartwarming post:

“I don’t know, maybe I’m going soft, but you should know there are PLENTY of other kittens here at the humane society waiting for their hoomans too.”

Although Spicy’s transformation from fiery to sweet melted hearts, he did have to end his emotional journey with a little bit of spicery, sharing:

“Praise me all you want. I’ll always be the boss. SEE YA!”

As it turned out, Spicy’s cattitude was indeed his ticket to happiness. His brutal honesty paid off in the end and showed that being true to yourself can lead to the most wonderful opportunities!

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