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Distressed Cat Momma Brought Her Sick Kitten To The ER, Doctors Rushed To Help

Distressed Cat Momma Brought Her Sick Kitten To The ER, Doctors Rushed To Help

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An unlikely scene shocked everyone when a stray cat walked into the emergency room carrying her kitten. To make things even more unusual, she walked confidently, knowing exactly where to go.

cat brought kitten on ER
Credit: Twitter

Out of all (un)imaginable situations you’d expect in the emergency room, a cat coming to seek help wouldn’t be on your mind. 

However, that’s exactly what happened when a stray cat showed up at the hospital, heading to the emergency room carrying her seemingly sick kitten. As Merve Özcan wrote on her Twitter:

“Today we were in the emergency room of the hospital when a cat rushed in with her offspring in her mouth.”

Merve was at the hospital at that time, accompanying her father who required medical help. She shared pictures of this stray cat on her Twitter, where they went viral and gathered thousands of likes.

mama cat brought sick kitten
Credit: Twitter

It’s easy to assume that the cat ended up at the hospital because she was lost. Mind you, this cat wasn’t confused or lost. She walked in as if she had been there before. As Merve Özcan said for The Dodo:

“I was very surprised when I saw her because she seemed to know [the hospital] better than me. It was obvious that she knew where to go.”

mama cat carrying her sick kitten
Credit: Twitter

Medical staff quickly sprang into action, rushing to help the cat and her precious baby. But unlike the patients and other visitors, they weren’t particularly surprised to see the feline. As Merve shared:

“The medical staff was also very happy to see the cat and kitten, went to them and loved and cared for them. I think it was a cat that employees already know, and there were people who saw it there before.”

As it soon became clear, mama cat didn’t come to the hospital for medical help. Both mama and the kitten seemed perfectly fine and healthy. 

The adorable pair simply wanted to say hello to their human friends. Of course, some extra pets and a bit of milk are always appreciated.

cat watching doctors helping her kitten
Credit: Twitter

Surrounded by staff who were overjoyed to see this cute duo, the cat was basking in all the love and attention. As Merve shared:

“Her kitten was not sick, but she wanted to stand there. While the doctors loved on her and her baby, she stood safely next to them.”

Although both mom and baby appeared healthy, the doctors, being doctors, felt responsible for offering medical assistance to their cute furry patients. Momma cat and her baby were directed to the vet clinic, just to ensure everything was ok.

doctors helping kitten
Credit: Twitter

These docs are true professionals! They make sure everyone who walks through the hospital door gets the help they need, no questions asked!

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