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This Kind Man Brought Home A Stray Cat Only To Discover Something Adorable

This Kind Man Brought Home A Stray Cat Only To Discover Something Adorable

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Once I heard about this heartwarming story, I was certain this adorable stray cat had a hidden agenda all along, and let me tell you why!

young man driving a golf car with cat
Credit: Instagram

Michael Evans is a security guard from Florida who spent many nights patrolling the grounds. However, his night shifts became much more interesting once a group of stray cats started following him around. 

He would often stop to pet them and take them with him while he was driving around. However, one cat in particular had her heart set on Michael…

cat sitting on the golf wheel
Credit: Instagram

Her name was Tree Kitty and this absolute beauty would follow Michael around whenever he was on duty. This cat was a real cuddle bug and soon enough Michael was completely smitten by her. As he said in his video:

“Something about this cat just makes me happy.”

Michael decided to bring Tree Kitty home and officially adopt this adorable fluffball. His wife Alexandra was managing a private animal sanctuary and Tree Kitty gained the biggest furry family she could imagine.

cat sleeps on the floor
Credit: YouTube

However, once Tree Kitty got comfortable around the house she spent her time mostly napping around. Alexandra noticed their cats Brandy and Ripper were constantly sniffing Tree Kitty, almost as if something was wrong…

cats sniffing around
Credit: YouTube

Michael and Alexandra immediately rushed her to the vet, worried that she might be sick. However, this little beauty had a secret everyone was about to find out!

The vet did an ultrasound and soon discovered tiny paws in her stomach. It was now official – 3 kittens were about to join the family! As Michael recalls in the video:

“The first thought was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re gonna have to find homes for all these kittens!’”

cat being on the ultrasound
Credit: YouTube

On the other hand, Tree Kitty was purring around like nothing was wrong. She managed to find herself a forever home just in time! Such a clever girl, right?

Alexandra was determined to help mama cat out. She was carefully monitoring her, ready to welcome her babies into the world. 

One day while Alexandra was in the kitchen, Tree Kitty started calling her for help, constantly hiding in a corner. Alexandra realized it was showtime and the kittens were on their way!

mama cat breastfeeding kittens
Credit: YouTube

She set up a nursery for her and soon enough the first kitten joined the family! However, Tree Kitty was always full of surprises and this time around she was about to serve another one, as Alexandra said:

“Just when we thought Mama Cat couldn’t bring us anymore surprises.”

Although the vet counted only three kittens, Tree Kitty had 5 kittens in total! Her cat siblings Brandy and Ripper were visiting mama cat and her babies almost every day!

However, Alexandra noticed mama cat had no stimulation while she was nursing the babies, so she came up with a genius idea. As she mentioned:

“Here she is in the bathtub, right? And I’m like: ‘ This poor cat has no stimulation. Maybe she’ll be interested in the iPad.’”

cats watching the screen
Credit: YouTube

Alexandra placed the iPad right in front of Tree Kitty with some bird videos and soon enough, mama cat had her private little suite! She spent hours on end watching bird videos while peacefully nursing her babies.

In the meantime, Michael and Alexandra searched for perfect forever homes for the little ones. Shortly after, four kittens went with their forever parents, but one tiny fluffball stole Alexandra’s heart.

cute cat looking at distance
Credit: YouTube

The couple decided to keep Tree Kitty and her kitten Willow, as Michael said:

“This was meant to be!”

Today, mama cat and her baby Willow enjoy their life with Michael and Alexandra! They have many furry siblings and the amount of love they have for each other is just heartwarming!

Make sure to keep up with Alexandra and her furry family over on Instagram!

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