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Woman Wakes Up To A Stray Cat Screaming In Her Backyard Sparking A Heroic Rescue 

Woman Wakes Up To A Stray Cat Screaming In Her Backyard Sparking A Heroic Rescue 

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As fellow cat parents, you know how curious and adventurous our feline companions are. However, when it comes to stray cats, the outdoor world is like a big playground for them. 

They can explore, climb, and play around. Sometimes this adventurous spirit puts them in a position where they need our help.

a cat on fence
Credit: YouTube

This is exactly what happened to a stray cat in a gorgeous black and white coat, so buckle up for her amazing story. 

After a long day of running errands, Mariane Jorgenson was ready for a relaxing night. Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard a strange noise coming from her backyard.

cat stucked on fence
Credit: YouTube

At first she didn’t think much of it, assuming it was just a raccoon searching for some food. Just when she was about to close her eyes and call it a night, a loud and desperate scream interrupted her.

Not being able to ignore it, Mariane jumped out of her bed. She decided to check her Ring camera, hoping it would give her some clarification. 

woman getting to help cat
Credit: YouTube

Just when she thought she’d seen it all, life had one more surprise for her. A stray cat was hanging from her wooden fence. Yes, you read that right, hanging!

The poor soul was probably trying to climb over Mariane’s fence when her back paw got stuck in a gap in the fence.

woman rescuing cat on fence
Credit: YouTube

Mariane immediately rushed out to save the poor feline! She calmly approached the cat and helped her out of a miserable situation. 

Mariane’s heroic rescue was met with positive comments from her followers, praising her for her swift and gentle hands. As one YouTube comment put it: 

“She handled that calmly and like a pro without getting scratched.”

To make things even better, she decided to give the cat a forever home. As she wrote:

“Has a happy ending. Female cat named Blossom now lives with me. She had a previous leg injury that did not heal properly, which is why she could not get loose from the fence. She is still feral, but she is safe now.”

a rescued cat
Credit: YouTube

Thanks to Mariane, Blossom was now safe and sound and her adventurous spirit has earned her a forever home. What a beautiful ending!

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