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These Two Stray Cats Never Thought Meeting A Blind Raccoon Will Change Their Life

These Two Stray Cats Never Thought Meeting A Blind Raccoon Will Change Their Life

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This is a friendship you don’t see very often. A partially blind raccoon formed a bond with two stray kittens, which ultimately saved their lives. 

This raccoon used to visit Eryn’s backyard to have his meals. Every morning from 6 to 9 am, he would come for breakfast, and sometimes return later in the day.

Then, a few years later, he returned accompanied by two furry companions…

blind raccoon saves two kittens

When the raccoon came to get his daily dose of food, two stray kittens showed up behind him. They were strays who would have likely starved if it weren’t for their raccoon friend and Eryn, their human friend.

Since that day, this unlikely trio would gather in Eryn’s yard to satisfy their hunger. Once they had eaten, they would return to the forest. Sadly, after a year the raccoon passed away.

Eryn decided it was time to adopt his furry friends and take care of them. 

She successfully tamed them and had them spayed/neutered. This adoption turned out to be the best thing Eryn could have done. 

During that time, she experienced the loss of her mother and her senior cat. These newfound feline friends helped her cope with all the sadness. 

All thanks to their raccoon friend, because if it weren’t for him Eryn would never have crossed paths with her new companions.

racoon with kittens in backyard

In a way, it seemed as though these black kittens also cared for the raccoon.

black stray kitten plays with raccoon

As Eryn describes one of her videos, “Raccoon and his Bodyguards”. Perhaps they sensed his “disability” and watched over him in their own unique way.

two black stray kittens and a raccoon in backyard

Just as the raccoon befriended them and guided them to his human friend, the kittens stayed by his side and ensured his safety. They became his eyes…

raccoon and kittens eating food

Thanks to their raccoon friend, they have found a loving home.

stray kittens are growing up in a new forever home

For more videos of this heroic raccoon and his kitten friends, be sure to check out their YouTube channel.

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