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Stray Kitten Found Under The Hood Of A Car Gets A Ride Of His Life With Delaware Firefighters

Stray Kitten Found Under The Hood Of A Car Gets A Ride Of His Life With Delaware Firefighters

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In a touching turn of events, Delaware firefighters became unexpected heroes to a tiny stray kitten in need. 

The Minquas Fire Company #1 stationed in Newport received a call that led them to an unusual rescue: a kitten was found tucked away under the hood of a car.

The firefighters were very gentle and careful, ensuring the little feline, who was later named Blaze, was safely extracted from the vehicle. 

Blaze’s adventure didn’t end there. He got real VIP treatment with the firefighters transporting him to safety in their firetruck, heading straight to the Faithful Friends Animal Society (FFAS).

adorable kitten wrapped
Credit: Instagram

“There’s never a dull moment here at Faithful Friends! Minquas Fire Company #1 found a stray kitten in Newport, in the hood of a car. After safely rescuing him from the vehicle, the kitten – now named Blaze – got a first-class ride in their firetruck to our shelter.”

Upon his arrival at FFAS’s new animal adoption center on Airport Road in New Castle, Blaze was promptly checked by the shelter’s dedicated veterinary team. 

To everyone’s relief, he was healthy and uninjured, and he is now preparing for the next step in his journey: finding a loving home. As FFAS shared on their Instagram:

“Blaze received a thorough exam from our vet team, and will soon be available for adoption!”

two men walking with kitten
Credit: Instagram

The staff at Faithful Friends couldn’t be more thrilled to have Blaze under their care. They expressed deep gratitude for the Minquas Fire Company’s quick response and compassionate rescue efforts. 

This incident highlights the extraordinary dedication of first responders and emphasizes the importance of community support in animal rescues.

Blaze’s story is a beautiful reminder of the kindness and bravery that exist within our community. Poor Blaze got himself stuck in a dire situation and his odds didn’t seem too good. 

smiling firefighters with kitten
Credit: Instagram

However, thanks to the caring firefighters and the support of FFAS, his luck turned around for the better. Blaze and many other animals are eagerly awaiting the chance to bring joy and companionship to their future families.

I hope Blaze will find his forever home and a loving family soon! Feel free to visit Faithful Friends Animal Society and learn more about other animals waiting for their chance at a loving home.

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