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Stress From Being Abandoned Caused This Kitty Major Health Issues, But This Woman’s Love Healed Her

Stress From Being Abandoned Caused This Kitty Major Health Issues, But This Woman’s Love Healed Her

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Some people think it’s perfectly fine to ditch their pets when they can’t handle them anymore. When the responsibility of pet ownership gets too heavy, they shut the door on the cat or dog they used to be thrilled to have.

But these folks forget that abandonment is super stressful for most pets, who often get depressed and develop other health issues. 

Take Mimo, the feline protagonist of today’s story, for instance. Being abandoned at such a young age stressed her out so much to the point of developing food allergies which caused her to pull out her fur. 

Poor little fluff felt so anxious and blue, thinking she’d never feel loved again. Until Priya came back into her life…

I say “came back” because Priya used to foster Mimo. What a wonderful full circle moment, right?

Mimo was Priya’s first cat she ever fostered, which probably explains their deep connection. She sent her off to a family who wanted to adopt her when she was still a kitten, not knowing that they would get fed up with her a little too soon. 

At just three months old, Mimo was kicked out of their home during a cold winter, leaving her to fend for herself. 

The sudden change was too much for poor Mimo, who didn’t know how to handle it. Thankfully, she didn’t spend too long outside before ending up at a local shelter.

But even that short time outside was enough to mess with her health…

Because of the said food allergies, Mimo had to be on strong medications, which he needed to take regularly. Though they helped, the vet knew they’d have long-term effects on her health.

With the risk of severe organ issues looming, the vet suggested putting Mimo down. But Priya couldn’t bear that.

So, she decided to adopt Mimo herself, determined to give her the love she deserved.

Once Mimo felt what it was like to be properly loved and taken care of, her condition started to improve. In less than a year, Priya got her off all her meds. Can you believe it?

Thanks to Priya’s love, Mimo blossomed from an anxious and stress fluff into a happy and healthy kitty!

When Mimo’s allergies were a thing of the past, Priya wondered about expanding their furry family. Would Mimo like having a sibling? Or would that stress her out, too?

Priya had to find out for herself…

When Mimo Met Kirry

In a YouTube video made by Cuddle Buddies, Priya recounted the first time she met Kirry, her second cat and Mimo’s brother.

“I went to a cat event and I saw Kirry there. And as soon as I saw him I fell in love with him.”

Apparently, Kirry had been hopping from one adoption event to another, failing to find his forever home. The moment he started losing hope of ever finding a loving family to call his own, he met Priya – and through her Mimo. 

And just like that, Kirry completed their little family!

Mimo and Kirry instantly became best friends. 

“As soon as I brought Kirry into the house, Mimo went right up to the carrier door and started smelling him and licking his nose. So, I knew right away that they were gonna get along.”

Both felines love to hang out with each other. They’re inseparable, enjoying playful interactions, cuddle sessions, and all sorts of adventures together.

Kirry adores his sister Mimo so much that he came up with what Priya calls “The MimoSquish.”

Whenever he gets overwhelmed by the love for his sister, Kirry lies right on top of her to be as close as pawssible.

Yep, that’s right! Personal space isn’t a thing for this sweet boy, but fortunately, Mimo doesn’t seem to mind.

Priya firmly believes that her cats were meant to be together – and I couldn’t agree more! They share such a strong bond and a beautiful friendship; it’s hard to imagine them ever being apart.

Both Mimo and Kirry have changed each other’s lives for the better, and Priya is thrilled to call herself their mom.

If you want to see more of this dynamic duo and their awesome owner, head over to Instagram and give them a follow. Trust me – you won’t regret it!

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