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Concern Grows After Tabby Cat Gets Stolen From Manhattan Adoption Event

Concern Grows After Tabby Cat Gets Stolen From Manhattan Adoption Event

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Considering how hard it is to find homes for abandoned cats at the shelter, this story shocked everyone! Who would have believed that a cat from an adoption event got stolen? 

At first, I didn’t believe it myself. But as it’s said, anything can happen in this world, full of surprises.

John Debacker shared that somebody stole a cute tabby cat named Sprout from a PETCOLove adoption event in Union Square, Manhattan.

The news shocked everyone, but thanks to her microchip, the New York Police Department managed to track down the cat and return her to the center. 

The catnapper probably forgot that the cat was microchipped, or that there would be a significant reward for Sprout’s safe return.

John and his fellow rescuers from The Fabulous Feline Inc. knew this and did everything they could to take the cat back to safety.

The rescue mission gained significant attention, making its way to local and national news. Sprout was only four months old when she was stolen in broad daylight, from the adoption event. 

The Fabulous Feline Inc. said the cage was locked, so someone must have distracted the staff while another person broke the lock, put Sprout into a bag, and disappeared into the crowd. 

Pat Irizarry, Sprout’s foster mom from The Fabulous Feline, said: 

“It all happened so fast that I didn’t even realize it happened. It wasn’t until two witnesses told me that I realized our kitten was stolen; someone had cut the zip ties and removed it from the cage.”

After realizing that the cat was missing, Irizarry was completely devastated. She said:

“I was so upset, I wasn’t in the right state of mind. Sprout was only 4 months old, and I had hand fed that kitten and watched over it. She was born from a litter of three kittens, and only two survived; one of her siblings was stillborn.”

The reward for Sprout’s safe return was increased from $1,500 to $3,300, a significant amount compared to the usual adoption fee of $150-200. The rescuers were determined to do everything they could to find Sprout and bring her back to safety.

Thankfully, this catnapping story has a happy ending. Sprout was found after 17 days, and the NYPD 13th Precinct brought her to her foster mom safely. Everyone involved was incredibly grateful, especially Irizarry.

Sprout was happy to be reunited with her brother, Sprite, and was ready to find a loving home where she could finally be as happy as she deserved.

Debacker shared the happy news:

“Welcome home, Sprout, where now you will find a caring home. To adopt Sprout, remember to fill out an adoption application through The Fabulous Feline Inc. and do it the right way!”

I’m sure Sprout is now living her best life with the family she deserves, and I’m so happy to hear that this story has a happy ending!

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