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Protective Tabby Kittens Form A Cozy Circle Around Their Shivering Sister In A Sweet Display Of Love

Protective Tabby Kittens Form A Cozy Circle Around Their Shivering Sister In A Sweet Display Of Love

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Some people believe that only humans can be compassionate and loyal. However, every day we get to witness that even animals can be inclined to such noble virtues. 

One such example has been recorded in Naples, Florida, and it shows endearing and nurturing love between three orphaned kitten siblings. Let’s unwind this touching story. 

One day, as Megan Sorbara, president of Purradise Gardens, was on her way to get some ice cream, she received a call about abandoned kittens near a neighboring building.

Giving up her initial plans, she immediately stormed into action. However, once she approached that area, she noticed something rather strange. 

The Bond That Can Never Be Broken

No one could have prepared Megan for what she saw as she was coming back from her ice cream break: Two tabby kittens were wrapped around their trembling and severely distressed white sister.

Megan told The Dodo:

“They were just in a little clump on the ground.”

It was as though those two kittens knew their sister wasn’t feeling well, so they wanted to do their best to help her feel better.

Megan was deeply moved by their love and dedication to soothe their sister. Their bond was obviously strong!

Since their mother was nowhere to be found, she assumed she had left them for good. Gently scooping them off the ground, Megan took them to the shelter, where they received much-needed care. 

At the shelter, Megan also bestowed names upon them: Pistachio and Praline for two tabbies, and Coconut for the white kitten. 

After all, she was about to get some ice cream when destiny brought her to them, so it only seemed fitting to give them ice cream-inspired names.

At the shelter, they discovered that Pistachio and Praline had every right to be concerned about their sister. Coconut’s head was unnaturally tilted upward, and her ability to walk on her own was significantly impaired.

Megan made assumptions about Coconut’s condition, thinking she must have been suffering from some kind of neurological disorder. However, since the vet wasn’t available right away, they couldn’t have known for sure. 

She decided she would try to help Coconut by massaging her, hoping that would improve her condition. 

Thankfully, Megan wasn’t alone in her attempts to help Coconut. Pistachio and Praline were there all the time, continuously cuddling their sister, attempting to heal and comfort her. 

You know what they say: There’s nothing like sibling love. However, at the shelter, Coconut had another special someone she could lean on.

An Unusual Friendship

Believe it or not, Coconut’s special friend was Megan’s dog Bitsy!

According to Megan, Bitsy was never a fan of her canine kind. Instead, her ideal companions were cats! As she shared with The Dodo:

“Bitsy comes out on all our trapping missions. She loves it when we get kittens. She is a kitten freak. She’s always got her head right in here. When we get in the car with the kittens, she likes to lay on the trap.”

When Bitsy – a self-proclaimed cat enthusiast – saw the kitten trio, she fell head over heels for them! However, it was Coconut who caught her eye the most.

They became best friends in the blink of an eye! As soon as Coconut started getting better, Megan took her to Bitsy’s bed where they immediately started cuddling and playing, which happened to be great for Coconut’s rehabilitation. Megan said:

“It’s really good for Coconut. It helps her stretch and move and climb and things like that, which are good for her muscles.”

Family Reunion

Meanwhile, the rescue group never stopped scouring the area of Naples, Florida in search of the kittens’ lost mother. From time to time, they would catch a fleeting glimpse of her, but she would always quickly run away. 

She was extremely afraid and wary because she saw them catching other fellow felines, not knowing what they were doing with them. So, she kept her distance for the longest time. 

However, they eventually got a hold of her and took her to the shelter. 

Megan was pleased to see her and, in no time, came up with a perfect name for her: Vanilla Bean – after another ice cream flavor, of course!

Vanilla Bean was soon reunited with her babies, whom she was excited to see. She was probably relieved to learn that all that time those people meant no harm, but actually had her best interest in mind.

That reunion significantly improved Coconut’s condition, and she made a full recovery in no time. Such wonderful news!

Once the kittens were old enough, Megan decided to open the door of her home to all three of them, so they could grow up together in a happy, healthy, and feline-friendly environment. I’m sure Bitsy was thrilled when she realized her favorite kittens became her roommates. What do you think?

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