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Terrified Tom Cat Who Wouldn’t Let Anyone Near Transforms After Feeling What True Love Is

Terrified Tom Cat Who Wouldn’t Let Anyone Near Transforms After Feeling What True Love Is

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Fostering cats isn’t as easy as everyone thinks, especially if you ask Jen, an experienced foster carer from Washington.

She recently welcomed a terrified, spicy tom cat to her foster home Pokey Pot Pie’s Playschool for Wayward Kittens who became a cat to remember.

grimzy cat
Credit: YouTube

The poor feline named Grey was so terrified that he wouldn’t let anyone near him, yet filled the silence with his loud cries whenever he was left alone. 

In addition, Grey was constantly hiding from Jen, and it seemed like he might never warm up to human presence. 

cat wrapped in the blanket
Credit: YouTube

Fortunately, experienced as he is, Jen knew she had to slow things down. She began working with Grey and slowly helped him adjust to her presence. Using different tools and yummy treats, including toys, she helped him make gradual progress.

However, that wasn’t nearly as it should be. After thinking for a while, Jen decided she could use some help and came up with a perfect idea.

cat eating
Credit: YouTube

She introduced her other foster cat, Philly Pokey, to Grey, hoping that a fellow feline might help him relax. And it worked like a charm!

Philly instantly approached Grey and hopped in his box beside him, as Grey was too scared to come out.

Initially, Jen was a bit worried about how the two tom cats would interact, but things turned out better than expected. 

cat peeking from the box on another cat
Credit: YouTube

The new buddies spend the night snuggling next to each other, playing and simply bonding. Remarkably, it was the first night Grey didn’t cry since arriving at Jen’s foster care. 

Every day, Philly made Grey braver and more confident. He helped him make so much progress, that Grey slowly started coming out of his shell. 

cats at night
Credit: YouTube

As he became more relaxed, Grey began exploring his surroundings while following Philly’s step. However, the biggest breakthrough came when Grey approached Jen and finally allowed her to pet him. 

Jen was overjoyed and felt a huge accomplishment, even though she had some furry help. 

cat sleeping on woman
Credit: YouTube

Grey finally discovered the beauty of being petted and receiving all the attention. Later, he would snuggle in Jen’s lap, seeking love and affection, which she always provided him.

Thanks to Jen’s dedication and Philly’s companionship, Grey is now a happy, lovely, and even cuddly kitty, ready for adoption, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. If you ask me, I hope it’s only the best!

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