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Tiny Kitten Stuck In A Tire Rim For 2 Days Is Finally Free Thanks To San Antonio Firefighters 

Tiny Kitten Stuck In A Tire Rim For 2 Days Is Finally Free Thanks To San Antonio Firefighters 

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Our feline companions are among the sneakiest and most curious creatures alive, often finding themselves in the most unexpected and sometimes precarious situations. 

From climbing too high up a tree to the more unusual, like getting stuck in a tire rim, their curiosity knows no bounds.

In an incident that left everyone baffled, a poor kitten found itself trapped in a tire rim. How or why it ended up there remains a mystery, but fortunately, he was found just in time. 

kitten stuck in tire rim
Credit: SAFD

The poor kitten’s head had been stuck in a tire rim for two days until kind-hearted humans noticed him and decided to intervene.

Despite their best efforts to free the kitten, nothing worked. Realizing the situation was dire, they sought the help of the San Antonio Firefighters, who faced a challenging rescue operation. 

workers helping tiny kitten
Credit: SAFD

The firefighters tried many different methods to safely rescue the kitten, but again, none of them was successful. Even applying soap and using a spoon failed to liberate the kitten.

The only solution left was to remove the tire from the rim and carefully use the saw to free the kitten’s head.

firefighters rescuing kitten
Credit: SAFD

Though risky, it was the kitten’s only chance. So, the firefighters used a spoon to shield the kitten’s head while cutting through the rim, ensuring its safety throughout the process.

Eventually, the firefighter’s efforts paid off as they successfully freed the kitten without any injuries. Everyone celebrated this successful rescue mission.

tiny kitten being rescued by firefighters
Credit: SAFD

But, the kitten’s story took an even happier turn when his rescuers, who found him in the first place, decided to adopt him.

They immediately fell in love with the tiny kitten, believing it was a destiny for them to meet. 

man in gloves holding kitten
Credit: SAFD

Hopefully, they’re now in a loving home together, with the kitten having learned to steer clear of tire rims and other tight spots.

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