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Three Kittens Enjoy The Great American Rescue Bowl After Surviving Hawaii Wildfires

Three Kittens Enjoy The Great American Rescue Bowl After Surviving Hawaii Wildfires

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Hey there, all you cat enthusiasts! I have an amazing story to share with you! Brace yourselves to meet some amazing little kittens: Surfin Sammy, Hana Lulu, and Meowi Wowi! 

These three adorable kittens traveled from Hawaii to be featured in the second edition of the Great American Rescue Bowl.

The Great American Family Channel and North Shore Animal League America, the largest animal rescue organization in the world, came together to host this incredible event.

These cute little kittens have an amazing tale to tell! When the wildfires hit Hawaii, lots of pets were left without homes and the animal shelters were overflowing. 

But guess what? Hana Lulu, Surfin Sammy, and Meowi Wowi decided to embark on an adventure to help out! 

They traveled 5,000 miles to lend a paw and give the shelters in Hawaii some breathing space. Now, those shelters can concentrate on finding forever homes for all the animals affected by the fires.

While some furry athletes were playing on the field, the others were enjoying themselves in a fancy way. Meowi Wowi and Hana Lulu were seen relaxing in special Sky Boxes, cheering for their friend Surfin Sammy! 

These kittens were wearing unique Silpada charms on their collars, which are from a special collection that donates 40% of the money earned to help animals!

Beth Stern, the host, shared heartwarming stories about animals who found loving homes because of North Shore Animal League America. Many people work tirelessly to rescue animals, take care of them, and find them forever homes. 

Meowi Wowi, Hana Lulu, and Surfin Sammy were the stars of the show, but there are so many other wonderful animals looking for homes at shelters and rescue groups nationwide. 

A trip to your local shelter could lead you to your very own furry friend full of love and adorableness! It’s truly heartwarming to see these events raising awareness about animals in need, and I’m grateful for that.

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