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Three-Legged Shelter Cat Finds Love Next To Someone Who Completely Understands Him

Three-Legged Shelter Cat Finds Love Next To Someone Who Completely Understands Him

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A resilient kitty who faced a life-changing setback has found the most wonderful forever home with an owner who shares a special bond with his new feline friend. 

Meet Wizard, the cat, who ended up at the Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia after a serious car accident left him battered and in need of serious care.

Despite his loving spirit, Wizard had a tough time finding a home after having a leg amputated due to the accident. Jill Mollohan, Executive Director of LHS, recalling Wizard’s arrival, shares:

“Wizard was lost or abandoned and wandered to the back door of a caring community member’s house. They said he was very hungry and despite having a head trauma, fractured leg, and abrasions he was very friendly and social.” 

After spending 94 days at the shelter, Wizard’s luck turned when one family, moved by his story, sponsored his adoption fee, opening doors for him to win over their hearts. LHS shared: 

“He was available for adoption for a while with little interest. Then a few weeks ago a family was touched by his story and was moved to sponsor his adoption fee (Thank you Moody Family).”

According to the ASPCA, in the U.S., around 6.3 million pets are surrendered to shelters yearly, highlighting the need for adoption and support to reduce euthanasia rates. 

Wizard’s fate took a heartwarming turn after Thanksgiving when he met his new family, instantly bonding with his new dad, who is also an amputee. Jill Mollohan said, emphasizing their immediate connection with Wizard’s wonderful personality:

“We think it was love at first sight for both of them. They were immediately taken by his wonderful personality.”

As part of their #FindHappiness initiative, LHS continues to share heartwarming stories like Wizard’s to promote adoptions during the holidays. The online response has been overwhelming, with people expressing joy and love for Wizard’s story.

Glenn comments:

“Missing a leg but not a heart! I love this!”

Teresa thanks the family for giving Wizard a chance:

“Thank you so much to the family that adopted”

Martha says:

“It was meant to be.”

I believe so too! Wizard was meant to be a part of his new, and fur-ever, family.

The shelter stayed optimistic, and in about two weeks, Arnie commented on LHS’s Facebook post:

“We were so lucky to have found Wizard… What an amazing friend he is turning out to be!”

What do you think? Were things meant to be this way so that Wizard would find his purrfect family?

I love stories like this; they are so special and simply make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Feel free to share your own experiences or thoughts about Wizard’s story.

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