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Woman Notices A Skittish Feral Cat Lurking Around Her Porch And Decides To Help Him

Woman Notices A Skittish Feral Cat Lurking Around Her Porch And Decides To Help Him

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The transformative power of love is nothing short of inspiring! It can make a hero out of a villain, or a loving lap cat out of a skittish feral. At least that’s what happened to the main protagonist of today’s story.

Meet Dwight, a cheeky 2-year-old feline who traded hissing for purring, and the cold, unforgiving pavement for a comfy couch. 

cat sitting on stairs outside
Credit: @cheekydwight

Dwight had spent his entire life as an outdoor feline in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Living a rather solitary existence, he was doomed to fend for himself, never knowing what it was like to have a loving human who would take care of him.

That is until he crossed paths with a very special cat lady, Morgan.

Morgan noticed Dwight one day, lurking around her porch. He had been living outside amongst bushes and was extremely skittish. According to Morgan, she couldn’t even look at him without him running off. 

cat on wooden porch
Credit: @cheekydwight

Determined to make a difference, Morgan began leaving food for Dwight on her porch. Over time, she observed a gradual change as he began to warm up to her. She said:

“The first time that I really thought he might let me touch him, he sniffed me. And I was like, ‘Alright, I’m in!’”

With an abundance of love, unwavering effort, and, most importantly, infinite patience, Morgan earned Dwight’s trust. After nearly 7 months she was finally able to pet him without getting scratched or being hissed at. 

Now that’s a success in every cat enthusiast’s book!

As she got closer to him, Morgan realized that Dwight was a bit under the weather. It was clear he had caught a cold and needed a prompt visit to the vet

Catching him was no walk in the park, but Morgan’s assistance paid off. She took him to the vet she knew and trusted, and surprisingly, Dwight seemed to sense that he was in good hands.

close-up photo of cat
Credit: @cheekydwight

After the vet, Morgan decided to take Dwight in. He soon got used to indoor life, savoring all the comforts of a warm and loving home. Morgan said:

“He would sit in the window above the heater and watch outside.”

Dwight proved himself to be a true lap cat. He constantly sought cuddles and loved to be brushed with his favorite brush. He was such a sweetheart!

cat lying on its back
Credit: @cheekydwight

After a while, Morgan found out Dwight was FIV positive, which meant it was risky to keep him as she already had 5 cats of her own. To ensure his well-being, Dwight temporarily moved in with another foster mom, Jacklyn. 

Both Morgan and Jacklyn were a part of Lucky’s Cat House, a non-profit cat rescue service based in Lewisburg, Tennessee, so they knew exactly how to take care of a feline in need.

They both adored Dwight and were sad they couldn’t keep him. Nonetheless, they were certain he would be perfect as an only child to a loving cat parent. He was sweet, loving, and fun – everything you could ask for in a cat!

cat sitting indoors
Credit: @cheekydwight

As he was such a purrfect pet, finding him a forever home turned out to be a breeze. Within a couple of months, Morgan and Jacklyn successfully matched him with an amazing owner with whom he’s now living his best life!

Just look at him! Isn’t he adorable?

photo of a cat lying
Credit: @cheekydwight

I hope you enjoyed this story and Dwight’s incredible transformation. If you’re interested in adopting a kitty, I highly recommend checking out Lucky’s Cat House on Instagram. They’re doing exceptional work rescuing cats and definitely deserve our support! 

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