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Famous TV Host Jenna Bush Hager Adopts Kitten And Finds Hilarious Way To Cope With Cat Allergy

Famous TV Host Jenna Bush Hager Adopts Kitten And Finds Hilarious Way To Cope With Cat Allergy

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Jenna Bush Hager, co-host of Today with Hoda and Jenna, has just brought home a new furry friend! Meet Mr. Mango Mellow, the cat with the cutest and most epic name ever! 

This fluffy bundle of joy has joined the Hager family alongside their resident feline, Hollywood. Remember Hollywood? 

He was the first cat to join the Hager family, and now he has a playful companion. It seems like Jenna has officially become a proud “cat lady,” and from the adorable pictures, she’s totally owning it!

It’s safe to say Mr. Mango Mellow has won over the entire family. Poppy, Jenna’s younger daughter, is totally in love (and who can blame her!). 

Even Mila, the older daughter who was unsure about the whole “spooning” thing that kittens do, seems to be warming up to the new addition. As Jenna shared in one of the episodes:

“Mila was like, ‘Eww, what is spooning?’… She’s like, ‘That sounds nasty.’ She was just like, ‘Yuck,’ I was like, ‘Spooning is just one person cuddling the other person.’ She’s like, ‘Eww! Holly doesn’t like that!”

Jenna was always open about how much she adores cats, even though she’s allergic to them. 

Well, let’s just say she, like many cat lovers, doesn’t mind taking a little extra Zyrtec to enjoy those cuddles and purrs.

Jenna’s journey to becoming a full-fledged “cat lady” is so heartwarming. When she was younger, cats were a big no because of her allergies, but she never stopped loving these fluffy friends. She mentioned: 

“As a little girl, I loved cats so much. They were the forbidden fruit ’cause I was highly allergic.”

However, it’s really nice how everything has come full circle. I’m so happy for the Hager family and their growing group of cats! 

I hope their days are filled with playful jumps, lots of snuggles, and of course, those funny moments when cats show their cattitude. 

And as for Mr. Mango Mellow, I can’t wait to see all the cute adventures he’ll have on Jenna’s social media. 

This little buddy, with a name like Mr. Mango Mellow, has some big shoes to fill (or should I say, tiny paws to fill with endless cuteness!).

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