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Internet Goes Wild Over These Two Cats Having The Most Adorable Chat

Internet Goes Wild Over These Two Cats Having The Most Adorable Chat

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I love it when cats chirp and chirrup. It’s just so adorable. Did you know that cats only meow to us? They have all sorts of sounds they use just for other felines.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that. My cats often trill and chirp to each other, and when something doesn’t please them, they’ll often growl as well. 

When cats make these noises, they sound similar to a bird’s sound, or sometimes even resemble human words, depending on which sound your cat actually makes. My cats often sound like they’re saying “oh no, no, no”. Hilarious! 

Every cat sound has its purpose. They can meow, purr, trill, growl… etc. All cats do it. I love it when my cat Mikey sits by the window and trills. It just sounds so sweet. He often talks to my other cats, which sounds similar to the felines in this video.

This is honestly all I needed today – some good old cat stories, lol. These cats just seem to know what’s up. The internet was so interested in them that the owner who posted this video made several updates about them. 

Their names are Stina and Mossy, and as their owner claims:

“They usually fight instead of communicating, so this was an odd moment. They kept ‘talking’ for about an hour, constantly. They are not related in any way, both are females, approximately ten years of age at the time.”

Many positive comments followed, but this one really sums it up:

“I absolutely love it when cats make these little mrrrp and rrrdrp noises, it’s so precious.”

This video was cute and hilarious at the same time. It’s always so fascinating to me how amazing cats actually are. While I searched through the comments section to find out more about these cute cats, I stumbled upon another funny video. 

It’s a remake of the two talking cats with a “translation”. Even though this clever user didn’t get their gender right, this video is hilarious! 

We can only guess what the two cats were actually conversing about. Here’s one take on it… 

This one really cracked me up. The mouthful talking and the “act like a cat” bit, it’s really, really funny. How do people come up with something like this? Lol! 

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