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Kind Rescuer Makes Sure Two Inseparable Stray Cats Stay Together For Good

Kind Rescuer Makes Sure Two Inseparable Stray Cats Stay Together For Good

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Have you ever seen two friends who are so close that they seem like siblings? Well, that’s Chambertain and Voltaire, two cool cats who stick together no matter what, and their friendship is super heartwarming.

For years, these two tabby cats ruled the streets with their confident attitude for a long time. 

They didn’t trust people much, probably because they had to take care of themselves for a while. 

two cats looking up
Credit: Instagram

Luckily, a nice couple saw through their tough facades and began leaving food out, trying to earn their trust. However, the kitties weren’t quick to warm up to the free food, and they still kept their independent spirits.

When Julie, a rescuer, spotted Chambertain, she noticed that he looked really rough. His fur was all tangled up and it didn’t provide much protection from the weather. 

From that moment on, Julie was determined to help him, so she set out on a mission to find a safe place for him to stay.

stray cat standing by the fence
Credit: Instagram

This is where the story becomes really heartwarming. As Julie talked to the neighbors, she met the nice couple who had been taking care of Chambertain. 

That’s when she found out about his best friend, Voltaire. Julie understood that these two were a bonded pair, so she couldn’t separate them.

ginger cat outdoor
Credit: Instagram

With the help of another rescuer named Micheline, they came up with a plan and used a humane trap (filled with yummy treats, of course) to catch the amazing pair. 

Can you imagine how surprised Chambertain and Voltaire were when they suddenly found themselves whisked away to a cozy room filled with soft blankets and endless snacks? It was like their lives got a major upgrade!

Their new temporary home was with Denis and Louise, who showered them with love and, most importantly, took them to the vet. Surprisingly, both cats were really patient throughout the whole experience. 

two cats under the blanket
Credit: Instagram

During their visit to the vet, they discovered something surprising – Chambertain had actually lived in a cozy home before becoming a stray. Unfortunately, his old family didn’t want him anymore. 

However, this situation brought him an incredible friendship with Voltaire. They faced the unknowns of the outside world together, always there for each other as companions. 

Now finally, with their tummies full and a cozy spot to take a nap, they could finally unwind and appreciate the little joys in life.

two cats lying at home
Credit: Instagram

But, their adventure wasn’t finished yet. Denis and Louise contacted Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a rescue group for cats, to help find a forever home for these inseparable pals. 

Luckily, they welcomed Chambertain and Voltaire with open arms, giving them the love and care they truly deserved. 

Looking at the photos, it’s obvious that these cats are thriving in their new surroundings. Their fur is glossy, their playful spirits are shining, and they’ve even discovered the joy of a good snuggle session.

These days, they enjoy lounging in sunny spots, feasting on delicious kibble, and hanging out with their caring foster family. 

two cats sleeping on the couch
Credit: Instagram

Chamberlain, who used to be a bit distant, now loves getting brushed and playing with toys. Voltaire, on the other hand, has turned into a purring machine, showing that he has finally let his guard down and trusts the people around him.

Aren’t they just adorable? I love seeing them snuggle and lie next to each other. I’m really happy they found a forever home where they can keep showing each other love. It’s the perfect happy ending!

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