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These Girls Discovered Unexpected Passengers Hiding In A Compartment Of Their Sailboat

These Girls Discovered Unexpected Passengers Hiding In A Compartment Of Their Sailboat

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Girls’ trips are fun and always full of unexpected twists and turns. We just know how to have fun, am I right?

However, in a video recently posted on TikTok, a woman named Ariel took the internet by storm after she discovered something adorable on her friends sailboat.

kittens on a sailboat
Credit: TikTok

The girl’s trip was supposed to be like any other, sailing, tanning, and enjoying some drinks. Ariel and her friends sailed out of Tampa Bay and after an hour on the open sea, the girls discovered stowaways on board.

Ariel was about to open a small compartment that was usually used for storing supplies or food. However, once she opened it a furry surprise was waiting for her.

tiny kittens in a blanket
Credit: TikTok

Tucked in between towels and old blankets were three adorable newborn kittens. The trio was peacefully sleeping, unbothered about the fuss going on around them. 

The girls were shocked! They assumed mama cat abandoned them and the poor souls were now sailing around all alone. Luckily, one of Ariel’s friends Mikayla was an experienced foster volunteer.

kitten stretching
Credit: TikTok

She quickly assessed the kittens and fortunately, the tiny fuzzballs were healthy. Ariel captured this adorable moment on camera and posted it online.


While sailing in the middle of the ocean…Cat distribution system working on overtime out here #florida #catdistributionsystem #catsoftiktok

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

A week later, Ariel posted an update on the kittens and assured everyone they were doing fine. As she said in her video:

“The kittens are ok. They are thriving. They’ve been eating, surviving, doing their own thing.”

woman holding a kitten
Credit: TikTok

She also mentioned that the kittens went home with Mikayla since she was already a cat mom, and caring for kittens was an easy task for her. 

two little kittens
Credit: TikTok

Mikayla was syringe-feeding them, making sure they had all the stuffed animals in the world. She made a cozy spot for the tiny kittens and the adorable trio spent most of their time napping. However, when they are awake they sure are a loud bunch!

I’m so happy Ariel and Mikayla found these babies and brought them to a safe home. If you want to keep up with the kitten trio make sure to follow Mikayla over on TikTok!

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